American Airlines Office in Dubrovnik Airport

American Airlines Office in Dubrovnik Airport

While making reservations with American Airlines is always beneficial as you can receive multiple services such as quick refunds o cancellations, special assistance for disabled passengers, etc. There are several airports where American Airlines serve their services, and Dubrovnik airport is one of them. If you are booking American Airlines through this airport but the departure date you want to resolve any query, you can take assistance from American airlines' Dubrovnik Airport Phone Number. You must read below if you do not have details about that number. 

The contact number of American Airlines at Dubrovnik airport is mentioned below.

Dubrovnik Airport provides different contact numbers for different queries so you can communicate directly with the expert. To know about these contact details, you have to read below.

  • For General information: +385 20 773 100
  • For customer airport office control: +385 20 771 090
  • For Emergency: +385 20 773 215
  • For the Airport office phone number: 020/773-222
  • For Car rental: +385 20 773 968
  • For Airport police: +385 20 444 039
  • For American Airlines: 800-433-730

Contact Dubrovnik Airport customer service by email

While connecting with the representatives, if you want to share any query-related documents, you can also use the email option. For this, you have to click this and then compose an email in which you have to fill out the complete query. Then attach query-related files and send them; within 24 hours, the airport staff will send your solutions.

  • Dubrovnik airport address:  Dobrota24, 20213, ─îilipi, Croatia
  • Dubrovnik airport code: DBV

What is the terminal of American Airlines at Dubrovnik airport?

The terminal allotted to American Airlines at Dubrovnik airport is B, but the terminal gets changed if any air traffic or weather issues arise.

Is Dubrovnik airport open 24 hours?

The DBV airport operates 24 hours as multiple passengers have midnight or early morning flights. To assist them, they are available for 24 hours. 

Through the details mentioned above, you can contact the American airline's office in Dubrovnik Airport. You can also use the email option to contact Dubrovnik airport. 

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