Terms and conditions

1. Use of the platform

  • 1. This Platform is accessible to all clients subject to these overall agreements. Subsequently, when you make a setup for the Platform or utilizing this Platform in some other manner, you need to recognize that you have acknowledged these T&Cs. Lotofares provides you magnificent advice and assistance to complete your booking by just reading the terms and conditions, avoiding all types of confusion in all respects.
  • 2. Multiple users are advised to be recognized as of lawful age if they have the essential legitimate ability to choose and tie themselves through an arrangement. With this excellent utilizing Platform, you can have fantastic security and privacy as per these T&Cs, perceived and recognized completely. The user will be answerable to protect any passwords given by Lotofares to enter the Platform and ensure that no unapproved outsiders will access them. The user proclaims that their data to enter the Platform, previously and during use, is valid, finished, and exact, and warrants are keeping this data refreshed.
  • 3. You can check this platform exclusively and only for the user's utilization. It is restricted to adjust, repeat, copy, duplicate, convey, sell, exchange, or take advantage of it in any capacity for business closures or comparison purposes. This platform will assist you to read all the things carefully when you are going to order something important.
  • 4. It has been advised that no user agrees to use this Platform for illegal or improper purposes. In a specific way, the user accepts that the services purchased through this Platform are for their use or consumption or for the performance and consumption of the persons in whose name they are legally authorized to act. The user may not resell the services purchased through this Platform to third parties. Lotofares reserves the right to deny access to the Platform at any moment with no prior notice.

2. How the platform works:

If you are curious to know how this platform works, go through the crucial points listed down:

  • Lotofares acknowledges the best search and comparison services of travel co-operations on this Platform significantly. You can find Travel Suppliers and intervention services that enable the users to purchase travel services as per their favorites and choices. Buying something on this Platform means you have ordered Lotofares to gain favors from third parties, signifying a payment responsibility. Hence, if you have purchased travel co-operations through this Platform, you will enter into two agreements, i.e., Travel Suppliers linking to the provision of the travel services and Lotofares relating to an intervention service. After all, Lotofares functions as an Agent for you and does not enter into any contractual relationship with you and the Travel Supplier relating to the services you typically purchase on this Platform.
  • Lotofares is here to encourage you to buy travel management, provide intercession strategies, and follow up for your benefit with the Travel Suppliers. Note that your transportation administrations will be dependent upon the agreements of each Travel Supplier. We urge you to check and peruse the contracts cautiously from each Travel Supplier before buying its objects or powers. It is fundamental for those who are particularly identifying with retraction expenses. Lotofares has inferred the agreements of the most regular Travel Suppliers for Your motivation.
  • Using this platform, you can purchase our travel service where you are authorized with Lotofares to act as your agent during the purchasing process with the corresponding Travel Suppliers. They are here to pay the products or services on Your behalf, to the extent necessary, to ensure that the transaction between You and Your Travel Suppliers performed correctly.
  • With the assistance of this stage, you can buy our travel services where you are approved with Lotofares as your representative during the buying process. You can compare Travel Suppliers, just as for the installment of the items or services for your purpose perfectly. There is a guarantee for exchange service among you and your Travel Suppliers who are good to perform effectively.
  • Additionally, this Platform may contain links or redirections to third parties’ websites relating to booking products and services, leasing touristic apartments, pre-arranged travel packages, etc. These links or redirections may address an independent website or a micro-website technologically managed by Lotofares, depending on the current commercial partnerships at each moment. In both circumstances, if you purchase some product or service there, you will be bound by a direct agreement with the Travel Supplier, without intervention by Lotofares. Consequently, you will have to accept and apply the terms and conditions inflicted by such a Travel Supplier.
  • We are here to cancel your flight ticket if we find some fraud; for example, the payment method is not legal, or you are not the legal owner of such payment method, etc. In these circumstances, we believe in attempting to contact you with the help of an email address or mobile phone number provided during the flight booking procedure or your bank. There is a brilliant automatic facility for canceling your flight ticket if we cannot contact you or your bank for security objectives.
  • Suppose you have sent a particular request in connection with the provision of travel service like a special meal on board, child seat, entertainment, disabled facilities, etc. Lotofares is here to transfer your request to the travel support team, who respond to you on your email account with the specific confirmation within a short period. It means your request for any particular or uncommon meal option may cause a delay in the proof of your purchase, for which information you can have from a travel support team quickly. Hence, we are here to inform you that we may not ensure that the service you have ordered will still be available or the price will be the same that you have shown at the time of booking was made certainly. So be careful regarding this policy with us while ordering any additional services after the booking with us.

3. Purchase Conditions:

It is essential to systematically go through the purchase conditions that you should know, some of the given down.

  • A. Cancellations and changes

    You must abide by the terms and conditions when you purchase a flight ticket without travel suppliers using this platform. Lotofares can help you see if your toll permits changes or undoing and you wish on the off chance. It can likewise deal with your solicitation with your Travel Suppliers by charging an assistance expense of up to sixty US dollars per individual and course dropped or potentially changed.

    We inform you that once your buy is affirmed, the intervention administration given by dreams is considered executed. In this manner, you are not qualified to utilize your withdrawal right any longer. So it is imperative to read the terms and conditions carefully to make all the doubts clear urgently.

  • B. Prices and payment methods

    You will see the total price of your order with the corresponding breakdown once you have selected the Travel Services You want to order, which is before you will be bound by any contract or take any payment obligation. Such total price will include all of the selected travel services, including optional services and Lotofares service fees. Please note that these services fees are non-refundable. Get the service fees charged for the mediation services provided by Lotofares, which are fulfilled when the booking has been confirmed to you in a decent manner.

    Services expenses will differ as per the items or administrations remembered for your request, the channel utilized, and different variables. If your request is not prepared because you use an invalid credit or check card, Lotofares will charge You an extra help expense of up to sixty US dollars ($60) and furnish you with directions to make your installment request viable. If you have made a full installment, the additional charge could be discounted, deducting it from the all-out cost of your request. You won't get any of the administrations requested until the full installment has been obtained. The cost of the services you have to pay after finishing your buy by just clicking on ACCEPT AND PURCHASE tab might change because of the slipped between finishing Your purchase and the second on which Your installment has gotten in full. In such case, to deal with your request, you should acknowledge the cost of the moving services, which is relevant right now the full installment has been obtained. Suppose any issue emerges identifying with your installment. In that case, we will reach you within 48 hours from your request or inside 24 hours in case you are going inside 48 hours, and it will assist you in making the installment successful.

    When you have finished your booking process but want to add one more flight for booking, you are required to pay additional charges at the Lotofares booking website. You have to use only Lotofare payment methods because it doesn’t accept any other platform for the payment methods. You need to have valid information of the payment gate that you can have with our travel support advisor, who is available to assist you at your convenient time.

  • C. Passport, visas and health requirements

    It is essential to check specifically with the crucial international shelter about identification and visa necessities ahead of time. You should be in control of a substantial identification and, if it is suitable, to organize a visa. By no means, Lotofares can be dependable if you don't have the correct travel reports or authorizations. It is mandatory to use the valid password that you have to share with our travel support advisor, who will provide you accurate information to make your travel successful in an appropriate way.

  • D. Electronic tickets (e-tickets)

    You can plan your flight journey to a destination that has its necessities concerning passage customs, immunizations, and so forth. These may likewise differ contingent upon the traveler's identification. We suggest that you get this data before arranging your tour. Lotofares can't be answerable for events getting from clients being non-attentive of these authority requirements. A few wards require birth testaments for all minors flyers, and you should gather that data accordingly.

    Lotofares comprehends that the data given by you is correct and precise, and it can accordingly not be dependable if your e-ticket doesn't show up in your inbox because of an incorrect email that goes into your spam organizer. You should advise us promptly if you change your email or phone number regarding this situation. Likewise, it would be best if you watched that the name that shows up on your visa harmonizes with the one referenced on your ticket or potentially reserving affirmation.

    In extraordinary conditions, because of the idea of the air tickets, Lotofares will be unable to deal with your request with the aircraft. On the off chance that this happens, we will endeavor to advise you within 48 hours and issue a discount or offer you an elective flight.

  • E. Refunds

    When you cancel your flight ticket online, you get a refund according to Travel Supplier Policies. Refunds are dependent upon the Travel Supplier's Policies. If you are qualified to be discounted by such Policies, be educated that your discount will be handled utilizing a similar installment strategy to pay your request. Note that the air admissions contain various parts. Not all of them are refundable, so regardless of whether you are qualified to be discounted by your movement supplier's strategies, the discounted sum may not be the all-out cost paid for your booking.

    If you have requested a non-refundable and unchangeable flight, but you cannot utilize it, be aware that you might guarantee in any case a discount for some air terminal assessments, which are remembered for the air charge. If you wish to demand a deal on the air terminal duties through Lotofares, you might contact our call community advisors. With this solicitation, you approve Lotofares to do all fundamental activities to get more refund. Kindly note that the cutoff time for mentioning the deal of these air terminal charges is twelve a year from the date of acquisition of the tickets or six months from the date of the flight, in case this is later. For this help, Lotofares will accuse you of an extra assistance charge of up to sixty US dollars per individual, which will be deducted from the sum refund appropriately.

  • F. Travel insurance

    Lotofares suggests You take out movement protection for your movement. Suppose you choose to buy a travel protection strategy through the Lotofares Lotofares Platform. In that case, you may go through the two separate arrangements. Firstly, you and the Insurer identify with the stock of movement protection, subject to the agreements referenced in the protection strategy. Secondly, you and Lotofares identify with the intercession administration regarding the inventory of the movement protection by the Insurer. It will charge you the protection expense in addition to material protection charges for the Insurer and will likewise charge a commission for the intercession administration. Regardless, you will approach the protection strategy before being limited by an agreement or an installment commitment. We prescribe to peruse the arrangements of your protection strategy painstakingly.

  • 4. Intellectual and industrial property rights:

    • You can all the substances of this Platform like brand names, messages, illustrations, logos, button symbols, pictures, sound documents, and programming possessed by Lotofares or its substance suppliers. It is protected with public and global modern and licensed innovation laws. The collection of all substances of the Lotofares Platform is the restrictive property of Lotofares and ensured by general and international modern and scholarly laws. All products utilized on this Platform or having a place with its product suppliers secured by public and global current and knowledgeable laws.
    • Some other utilization of the substance on this Platform is wholly disallowed, including its aggregate or halfway propagation, adjustment, conveyance, transmission, ensuing distribution, display, and portrayal. Specifically, any utilization of the pictures contained on this Platform outside of this Platform is entirely restricted without the express permission of Lotofares to provide the best service competently.
    • You can have different names of items, administrations, illustrations, and logos of Lotofares are universally enlisted brand names. Get the terms of other things like services, and organizations referenced in this report might be enrolled brand names of their particular proprietors.

    5. Go through the other applicable terms and conditions :

    It will be necessary to go through some other applicable terms and conditions that you should know to avoid some doubts while using our website.

    • A. Queries and complaints regarding your order:

      Suppose you have any kind of doubts about our travel services and want to ask some questions about your booking before your departure. In that case, you can quickly contact our customer service department to assist you at your required time. Other than this, on the off chance that you have any further protest identifying with a Travel Provider, guarantee that you officially start the grievance system before your return.

    • B. Changes to T&Cs:

      Lotofares is here to rebuild or renew these T&Cs at any second without earlier notification that you have read prior. The current form of these T&Cs will be displayed on the Platform when you discuss changes that come into power. You can quickly counsel the current T&Cs each time to make a setup for this Platform in your way quickly.

    6. Applicable Law:

    Each type of T&Cs related to flight service will be formed and governed by the USA Laws.

    Annex 1. Clear-cut information for flights:

    • It is essential to form a genuine contract of carriage that supports you to set up between you and the airline logically. It could be subject to the airline’s terms and conditions crucial to uphold in the right direction. Lotofares is here to assist you in purchasing the best flights at your convenient time significantly. Hence, it is your responsibility to go through the terms and conditions of your airline. It has been advised that your airfare should be unchangeable and non-refundable. Additionally, your airline might be charged for auxiliary services to the air transportation service, i.e., airport check-in preferred seating, food, drink and snacks, in-flight entertainment, baggage, etc.
    • If you have these additional services, you have to pay additional charges because these services are not included in the price of your air ticket. It would be best if you were delivered to the airline directly for any other services you want during the flight journey. If your flight meets more than one route, each route will be subject to different terms and conditions with specific rules. If the streets are operated by the same aircraft, but one is international, and the other is domestic, regulations will be different from obeying strictly.

    Following are some imperative rules required to check:

    It is essential to know the minimum check-in time for international flights is 120 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure. If you are traveling with domestic flights, you must be in the check-in queue within 90 minutes before flight departure. Nevertheless, there are some airlines and airports that take a pretty long time.

    Suppose you have a return ticket that you have reconfirmed with the airline; your flight booking should be at least 72 hours before the flight journey. If you haven’t reconfirmed your return ticket or route directly with the airline, your flight can be canceled soon.

    If you have chosen a particular fare, you need to check out the stopovers on your flight. You can believe on some itineraries that require a change of plane during the trip decently. But if you have booked a flight that is not allowed to change, you can't do anything. However, there could be stops to refuel or drop and collect the passengers at the airport. It is crucial to go through the stopovers details provided at the time of booking procedures and identify the fights both on the platform and on your itinerary that you can find when you complete the booking process especially. So be careful about it at a particular time of booking. It is also essential to show your visa when it is required due to such type stopovers.

    If you are traveling with a pregnant lady on the date of return, you need to check out the specific airline’s policy regarding this. Honestly speaking, in such cases, usually, airlines deny boarding the 28 weeks pregnant women strictly.

    If you are traveling with your child, you are required to check out the suitable policy to avoid restrictions. Your children must be six-week olds or more normally to travel by air. If you have an infant, you can either purchase a seat or sit on a lap. But if you are traveling with more than two or more, you must book a seat. If you are with a minor between 5 and below 12, the airline provides special assistance. Those passengers between the ages of 12 and 17 are required to pay for the additional services that you must request before confirming the booking with the help of a customer representative.

    In case the details of your ticket don’t match with your actual ID document, the airline will not allow boarding the plan. It is your whole and sole responsibility to check out the complete personal details with the help of your ID document during the online ticket booking process. And for this, you are required to scrutinize our policy outstandingly. If you find something wrong with your booked flight ticket, you need to make a new booking when this happened by mistake.

    Check out the One-way combinations as return flights:

    When you have a special return fare, you can have two one-way fares on different airlines or using the same airline. It implies that you have at least two separate (Outbound and inbound) bookings, and each booking includes its own fare rules separately. Hence, when you wish to cancel your fight, there are possibilities to keep the other. This process will assist you in making any cancellations, schedule changes, or making some modification to one flight, there will be no effect to the other flight of this process, and the fare rule of other flights will still apply legitimately. So if you have to cancel a flight, the other flight is not committed to providing you a refund for the other part of the journey and not offering you a change of itinerary. You have to pay some basic amount to make other flights change in essential time.

    Low-cost airline flights:

    When you plan to air travel with a low-cost airline, you are required to go through the basic rules applying to your airfare. It is requisite to notice that if you choose any additional service not included in the air ticket price, your flight may depart from a smaller, regional, or secondary airport. You can quickly check out the airport that always displays in-flight details before purchasing a flight ticket online.

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