Privacy Policy

At Lotofares, we respect our travelers/customers/users' personal information and are always committed to secure your privacy and security information.

This Privacy Policy introduces how we use, process, and secure your entire personal information or data you provide to us reliably and transparently. This privacy policy also describes what platform we use to collect your information and how we access and share this information with third parties, if applicable. If you agree with our privacy policy, and then you can easily book your trip with us. Booking a trip with us means you agree to our privacy policy.

Who is the Data Protection Officer?

Every Data Controllers organization has a typical Data Protection Officer who looks after all handling completed with deference for your security and the appropriate guidelines consistently. The Data Protection Officer is available all the time to respond to every one of the inquiries you might have concerning the handling of your own information and the activity of your rights.

Why do we collect your personal data, information, and what is the legal basis for it?

There are varied essential reasons for that we collect your personal data and information given below:

(1) For Booking

Whenever you make any kind of purchase, we ask you just for the personal information we need to give you with our varied mediation services. It incorporates completing and modifying your reservations, sending SMS or call related to your different queries, sending you further communications by email, or any latest update and reminder about the services. Such correspondences could be overseen by our travel accomplices or by us. The booking interaction should be possible on our site, our application, or our client assistance. We always attempt to show you the essential travel data and assist you in a customized way with your booking and post-booking.

Kindly remember that the ID information or data that we use will be the email address in your booking or account.

(2) For User Account

Our clients can easily make a user account on our websites after providing some necessary and required information. The data you provide to us during the account creation or any other is utilized by us to manage your account and do many valuable things related to travel. You can also go to our terms and conditions section to know more about our services.

(3) For Other Services

We might offer you other services related to travel based on our role as an online travel agent or service provider. According to the privacy policy, earlier or prior, we will advise you if there is a piece of certain information that you should know separated from the one previously shrouded in the privacy policy section.

(4) For Communications with You

There could be various purposes for that we use the plenty of correspondence to reach out to you given below:

  • To reach you in a customized way and assist you with completing your reservations or booking that will be wholly based on your interest. We likewise keep it to remember you whenever you visit our website, to improve your overall experience.
  • To illuminate how to reach us on the off chance that you need help while you are away or any other kind of helpful information that we feel may be valuable to you to make a travel plan or make any changes in the previous or current booking.
  • To send you the other services alerts or messages related to the security of our website, your account, and other things.
  • To send you an invitation for reviewing your overall experience towards over services, or our travel partner, when you utilize our services. This feedback will be displayed on the website that is fully viewable to other users or customers and helps them know about a service or product straightforwardly.

(5) For Marketing Purposes. We use your provided information for marketing purposes, such as for:

To show you individualized offers on our website, app, or third-party platforms (including social media sites), and the site's content that you will see could be personalized on the basis of the user's interest. Such sorts of offers can be booked on our website or other third-party offers or products we think you might find interesting.

For showing the varied offers displayed on our website, or by any third-party platform. One can get such offers on our website or other third-party websites we figure you may discover intriguing.

Sending you the updated information or news on travel-related services and products so that you don't miss any important deals or offers. You can very easily unsubscribe from these email marketing alerts by clicking on the Unsubscribe option for each newsletter or communication you subscribed to.

(6) For Customers Polls and Reviews

To send you an invitation to submit the reviews on a trip or booking you made with us.

(7) For Call & Chat Monitoring

In case of reaching our customer service team regarding any query or complaint, our staff might request validations, guaranteeing that your booking subtleties are kept private. Not all calls are recorded and accounts are saved for a restricted measure of time and naturally erased from thereon.

(8) For the Legal Purposes

At long last, in specific cases, we might have to utilize your data to deal with and resolve legal questions, for any regulatory investigations, to implement our terms, or to follow lawful requests from law authorization. We never make automated decisions dependent on profiles, customization of your client experience, or marketing. Regardless, a mainly automated decision won't create lawful outcomes or comparably essentially influences you.

What kind of personal information or data do we collect?

The personal data that we may collect from you could be collected through varied forms, including:

(a) Information you provide to us

Your billing information (for example, your credit card number, cardholder name, etc.) that you use at the time of making payment for a booking.

Any other kind of security information i.e. password, when you create an account or purchase a service with us.

Personal details and contact details (for example, complete name, email address, phone number, and date of birth that are completely important to provide) that you provide to us for booking, creating an account with us, subscribe to our marketing emails, or submitting any kind of inquiry to us. We won't share your contact details, such as your phone number or email address, with any third parties for any kind of business purposes until you do not allow it. Kindly remember that your email will be your personal or identify data.

(b) Information that we automatically collect from your use of our services

We collect information from your preferred device whenever you visit our website. This information includes your device name, browser type, IP address, Internet Service Providers, date and time of visit and request, etc. Whenever you visit our website, we may automatically gather certain data from your gadget, and we might connect this data with your record.

A portion of this data or information might be gathered by utilizing cookies or similar technology. The preparation of the data collected through cookies depends on an alternate legitimate premise. You can check our Cookies Policy section for better information.

(c) Information we gather from third parties

We legally get your personal information from third-party sources and business partners, including your email address, name, and other purchase information.

We utilize this personal data or information, just as the individual information gave characterized hereinafter, to examine traffic, proffer you the social media regarding services, improve searches and qualities, and forestall and identify any fraud. We will share it with third parties, including payment service providers, to detect any fraudulent activity or other illegal activity that may harm your privacy or data. Whenever you create an account on our website using one of your social media accounts or link your social media account to our site. We may access the required information we need about you from that social media platform. The information or data might incorporate your name, email address, gender, date of birth, profile picture, and other data you approve us to get.

We may process the calls and other online communication for quality control, staff training, and any dispute purposes. Remember that, when utilizing any third party's feature, that third party might go about as a joint regulator or a processor according to its related privacy policy.

To whom we share your personal data, or who will be the recipients?

We will share your personal data in certain circumstances with third parties that may include:

Travel accomplices

Travel accomplices such as the airline that needs to give your ticket. To provide you with our mentioned services, we need to convey your personal data or information to the travel services providers to provide you with the services or products. These third parties will be working as self-sufficient information regulators. Kindly note that these accomplices may reach you as essential to get extra data about you per their privacy policy.

Third-party service providers

Third-party service providers could be our customer support, IT and hosting, payment and financial service providers, fraud detection, analytics, etc., may process your personal data on our behalf and in our guidance for the purposes mentioned above. Where third parties approach information, they will collect data to play out their capacities depending on the situation. They are not permitted to share or utilize any kind of data for some other contrary reason.

Law authorities

We reveal individual data or information to law implementation to the extent that it is legally necessary or fundamental for avoiding, identifying, or indicting criminal demonstrations and misrepresentation. We might have to additionally disclose the personal information to skillful specialists to ensure and guard our privileges or properties, including the third parties.

Business partners

A portion of our website could be completely or partially given by our business partners and certain individual information that you give us, such as name, email address, date of birth, payment details, and other relevant data that will be sent to our business partner to settle and deal with the help. This data or information might be shared for fundamental client assistance support, or the reasons alluded to above.

How do we protect your personal data?

In this technological world, no online service can ensure guaranteed maximum security. Still, we execute sensible strategies to secure your data and information using the available ones in the current market. From the firewall to SSL certification, we use every method and technology on our website to protect our users.

Sometimes you know or have the motivation to accept that your provided account information or data have been lost, taken or in any case compromised or if there should arise an occurrence of any genuine or associated unapproved use with your data, or any security matter you consider significant, you can immediately contact us.

How can you access control the personal data you have provided to us?

We always want you to control how we are using your data as it's your right. You can go through the below ways for that:

Access and manage information: You can update and access your information anytime under the Account Settings section or by get in touch with customer service team.

Data portability: You may likewise demand duplicates of the data you have given to us in an organized and understandable format.

Data Erasure: You might demand to have your data erased. We will most likely be unable to delete it because the information handling might be fundamental for the agreement between you and us. Regardless, we will promptly eradicate it when we can do as such. You can also get through to our customer service team to erase your data.

Amendment of your data: You reserve the right to request that we write any incorrect or deficient individual data about you.

Pulling out your permission: If we are processing your personal information or data dependent on your consent, you might pull out your consent whenever, indicating which approval you are pulling out. If it's not too much trouble, note that the withdrawal of your consent doesn't influence the legitimateness of any handling exercises dependent on such consent before its withdrawal.

At Lotofares, we can make changes to our privacy policy anytime without prior notice, so we always advise our users to check out the latest privacy policy mentioned on our website under the Privacy Policy section. Suppose you have any queries related to our privacy policy. In that case, you can directly reach us through email or by making a phone call on the mentioned phone number where our customer service team will revert you once a ticket regarding the problems generated.

Disclaimer: Apart from Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, this Cookies Policy lets you know about our website's cookies and other similar technologies. This section will help you understand how we use cookies and the purpose of using them on our website.