How do I contact Air France at the Budapest Office?

Air France Budapest Office

Air France is a major French airline, covering around 184 destinations around the world. In case you stay in Budapest and seek assistance from the airline, there are various ways to connect to them. You can, however, also call the Air France Budapest Phone number 36 14 292 244 or +1-802-341-3409 to access immediate support. In the article, you will learn about various ways to connect with the Air France Budapest office; you shall take a look to have smooth communication.

How to connect the Air France Budapest office by phone?

The phone is the most suitable and straightforward contact option among all and can help you connect with the agent in a few minutes. If you are not sure how to contact the Air France Budapest office by phone, here are the details:

  • Dial the Air France Budapest Phone Number  36 14 292 244 or +1-802-341-3409.
  • Select your regional language else, choose English, follow IVR 
  • Choose an option carefully and press the number against the options that suit you most 
  • Select further options, and soon, the system will prompt you to connect with a live agent 
  • You can then speak to the Air France agent in Budapest and get solutions to the issues in real-time.

What is the Air France Budapest customer service hours?

When you connect via Air France Budapest Phone Number  36 14 292 244 or +1-802-341-3409, the agents are available Mon - Fri from 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM. The timings on Saturday are 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM.

What are the various reasons to call the Air France Budapest office?

There are various reasons why you might need to call Air France Budapest; some of the most common reasons are as below:

  • Reservation & Ticketing 
  • Manage Travel 
  • Refund issues 
  • Baggage related queries 
  • Chcek-in issues 
  • Membership
  • Lounge Access
  • Flight Schedule, etc

What are the other ways to communicate with Air France Budapest?

If you call the Air France Budapest Phone Number and it is not reachable for some reason, you can always opt for other contact options as below:

Email Support: If you need to share any feedback or suggestions or have any other concerns, you can communicate with Air France Budapest anytime. You can use the official email ID or the contact form on the website to email; here are the details:

  • Go to the Air France support page 
  • Look for the email and choose one query you need help with
  • When the email form appears, provide the relevant details 
  • You can write your message and then attach the documents needed
  • Submit the email form, and an Air France agent will get back to you soon.

Chat Support: You can also communicate with the Air France Budapest Office via chat and get solutions with a real-time agent online. To Chat:

  • Go to the Air France Budapest website and visit the support page 
  • Scroll to get the 'Chat' link, which is generally located at the bottom right 
  • Write the message when the Chat message box appears and follow the Commands 
  • Soon, a live agent at Air France Budapest will join you and assist in real-time.

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