How to Contact Air France at Frankfurt Office?

Air France Frankfurt Office

You can contact Air France not only through the Air France Frankfurt phone number but also through other ways. To seek information regarding flight schedules, in-flight services, and other inquiries, you should know the correct medium to reach them that suits your suitability and needs. This article will provide you with the various platforms to contact this airline and how you can access those platforms effortlessly. Please take a look.

Find multiple sources to approach Air France at the Frankfurt Office

Contact Air France via Call

The easiest way to contact the concerned airlines is through a call because it offers a verbal conversation. You can call the given airline through Air France Frankfurt Phone Number - 01806 830 830.or +1-802-341-3409 However, you have to remember that some IVRs will also be listed over a call; you have to choose the one to get a real person.

Connect via chat

You can contact the concerned airline at the Frankfurt office through the live chat tab. This mode is used as an alternative to Air France Frankfurt Phone Number 01806 830 830 or +1-802-341-3409. Here’s how you can ask your query over the website.

  • Go to and scroll down till you reach the end.
  • Now go to the ‘Help and Contacts’ section and click on ‘Contact Us.’
  • You will view the chat box on the left, tap, brief, and send the issues.

Reach out to their social media

You can message them to inquire about flight boardings and passenger facilities over their social media accounts as well. Following are the steps you need to follow to find their respective social media accounts.

  • Visit their official website,, and scroll down till you reach the end of the website.
  • Once you reach the end, you will be able to see the social media platforms on which it operates, and you can select according to your suitability.
  • It serves its customer service on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

When should you call Air France at the Frankfurt office?

The best time to call Air France is from Monday to Friday at or around 10 AM. This is the time frame in which the customer support service is most active and easily reachable.

What is the Air France office address in Frankfurt?

Many passengers want to file their complaints and submit any recommendation or compliment regarding their service, and for that, they look for their address, so you are suggested to take a look at the Air France Frankfurt Office address below.

Frankfurt International Airport 60547 Frankfurt, Germany.

What is the best method to contact Air France at the Frankfurt office?

If you are wondering how to know flight details instantly and updated, you are advised to dial the  Air France Frankfurt Phone Number 01806 830 830 or +1-802-341-3409, where the official will be assigned who will inform you everything about the services, flight timings, rules, etc.

Following the methods mentioned above allows a person to communicate efficiently with the Air France customer service team at the Frankfurt office to seek any sort of information regarding the airline.

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