How to Contact American Airlines Managua City?

American Airlines Managua Office

Contact the customer representative team from Managua City on American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the world's largest Airlines in terms of serving numerous passengers every day. Explore the nearby airport if you have planned your trip to your required destination from Managua City. Augusto C. Sandino International Airport is the nearest airport from where you can plan your trip to your destination. It is the main joint civil-military public international airport in Managua, Nicaragua. If you need help during your flight, dial the American Managua Phone Number at 7877-7920 or +1-802-341-3409. You will find this phone number on the reservation and ticket change page, where you can solve your travel concerns and get the answer promptly.

A brief detail about Managua city:

Managua is located on the South Shore of lake known as the capital and largest city of Nicaragua. It is the largest city in Centeral America where you can visit the best places, hotels, beaches, beautiful parks and more. It is the centre of commerce and culture provides manufactures, furniture, metal, and oil refinery. To experience your flight journey hassle free, dial American Managua Phone Number at 7877-7920 or +1-802-341-3409 and share your crucial concerns to get the answer over a pone call at any time.

How to contact American Airlines Managua City

If you want to get complete guidance and help to start your flight journey, you must dial the American Managua Phone Number and connect with a real person to share your concerns and request an appropriate solution instantly. To avoid doubts, get started with the phone call steps below.

  • First, dial 7877-7920 or +1-802-341-3409 and get the IVR instructions on your phone.
  • Select your desired language by pressing one and get the services in the same.
  • Press 2 for standard inquiries and 3 for new and existing booking services.
  • Press 4 for fight modification and cancelation, and press 5 for refund and voucher.
  • Press 6 for other services and press * to contact an American Airlines representative from Managua city instantly.

Get alternative ways to contact American Airlines from Managua city

You will get the other contact resources to reach a live person from Managua and deliver your travel queries to get the answer on time.

  • Email service:

You can share your queries to get the answer using an available email service to assist you 24 hours a day. Seek quick and appropriate guidance after emailing a live person. Request a call-back to connect with a live person who remains active to help you at American Managua Phone Number and get quick support instantly.

  • Office address of Managua city:

If you want to reach an American Airlines live person in Managua City, you must know the office address. Get the American Airlines Managua Office is located at Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport Km 10 1/2 Carretera Norte Managua, Nicaragua.

  • Live chat service:

When you fly with American Airlines, you generally obtain great deals, offers, and extraordinary service when you request assistance on the live chat to make your flight journey suitable.

You also get the online contact from and social media services at Facebook, YouTube, and get support at any time.

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