How to Contact KLM Airlines at Paris City?

KLM Paris Office

Forage KLM support team at Paris- in a nutshell

How pretty can Paris be from the flight window? The answer to that is quite obvious, but adding ambitious customer services to the in-flight experience will only induce comfort with your upcoming travel plans at KLM Airlines. KLM-France is reachable at various podiums to provide virtual and live assistance as per your choice of service. So, to add the incompetent perks with the beauty of Paris, call KLM Paris Phone Number for customer support now.

How to contact KLM Airlines at Paris City?

Stuck with unnecessary Airline drama when you should be at the Eifel Tower? Don’t bother lurking around the dumb sites for KLM Paris Phone Number; instead, go straight to the legal website for KLM Airlines and choose the region(France) to get instant solutions. The official contact page for KLM contributes to customer support by providing the following details.

  1. Text Support: The contact page for KLM includes hyperlinks to their social media support handles mentioned as follows:
  • WhatsApp: Tap on the ‘WhatsApp’ hyperlink given on your screen or save the dedicated hotline number to chat with a KLM executive on the most popular chatting site ever. 
  • Messenger: To access KLM Live Chat Support, the process is starting here with your Facebook mobile app. Open the messenger and text KLM on its Facebook account directly or use the hyperlink given on the contact-KLM page.
  • Dial KLM Paris Phone Number: +33 (0)9 69 36 86 05 or +1-802-341-3409 on your screen. 
  • Upon dialing the dedicated helpline, your call will be connected to the KLM-France IVR service. 
  • Wait for the autotune to finish dictating the IVR options and select the desired service.
  • Follow the autotune to get through to someone at KLM-Paris. 
  • Press # to speak to a live representative at KLM Airlines from Paris.
  • Send an Email: Write your query to KLM email support at, and make sure you provide a relevant description with attached documents for the consumer spokesperson to have a better understanding of your situation.

How to reach the KLM Paris office?

KLM Airlines’ Information page will lead you to the detailed legal information for KLM-France. Once you tap on the mentioned option, the About KLM- KLM France page will appear on your window. The page offers the following systematic contact details to reach KLM in Paris:

  1. Mailing Address: Send a written request with attached documents to the KLM Paris office at the given address:
  • KLM France 
  • 41 rue de Paris 
  • Tremblay en France
  • 95747 Roissy CH de Gaulle cedex 
  • KLM Paris Phone number +33 (0)9 69 36 86 05 or +1-802-341-3409.
  1. Contact Form: You can also utilize the ‘Make a request’ web form available on the same page to get a response from KLM customer support over your query. Tap on the link to move forward to the form. Provide the booking code and registered passenger name for your existing ticket with KLM Airlines.

KLM-France customer service is as convinient as taking a walk by the beautiful sceneries of Paris. And to improve your travel experience, KLM customer support will only provide you with the best aid possible.

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