How to Contact United Airlines at Lisbon Office?

United Airlines Lisbon Office

For instance, if you have made a flight booking with United Airlines, which is scheduled to depart from Lisbon. You might want to inquire about the services and policies for flight booking; then, you can connect with the live officials present at the Lisbon office and get the required information. This article will provide you the complete information on the various modes of contacting United Airlines representatives.

Connect with an agent via phone

You can make a direct call to the United Airlines agent by dialing their official phone number. Before placing a call with the representatives via the United Airlines Lisbon phone number, that is, 21-415-9102 or +1-802-341-3409, you need to ensure that you have a stable network connection. Then, go through the automated menu options provided on the call and tap on the one that matches your concern. Once the representative joins the call, provide them with all the necessary data as well as your query. The airline agent will provide the required solution right away.

Associate with chat assistant through live chat

Getting through the custom service through live chat is a great way to deal with problems and get to the resolution quickly. It also provides personal assistance by providing real-time communication with customer service. You need to follow the instructions provided below to go through the live chat.

  • Visit the official portal of United Airlines.
  • Navigate through the “help center” page.
  • Tap on the “chat with now” option and select “let’s chat” to proceed.
  • Provide contact information and important flight details relevant to the inquiry.
  • Be patient and wait for some time. The live chat assistant will provide you with solutions instantly.

Drop a message to the representative via email

You have got the choice to express your grievance through email. To compose an email, in the recipient’s field, type in the United Airlines customer service email, that is, Then, enter the reason for your contact in the subject line of the email. Now, provide precise details about your booking, like booking reference, reservation details, and so on as well as your concerned issue. The airline agent will get back to you within a reasonable time frame.

Reach out the customer service at the office

You can also approach the live agents by visiting them at the United Airlines Lisbon office, which is located at R. Braamcamp 40, 1250-071 Lisboa, Portugal. Provide them with brief information about the purpose of the meeting. The live officials will look into the matter and try to guide you in the best possible way.

What are the customer service hours of United Airlines?

You can communicate with the United Airlines Lisbon customer service during their business hours which starts from 8 am to midnight on a daily basis. However, you are advised to get the representatives during off hours to get a quick response.

Final Words: You might now have read the beneficial information given above and have gained sufficient details about the sources of contact with United Airlines at the Lisbon office. In case you have further doubts or inquiries, kindly go through its official webpage.

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