How to Contact United Airlines at Manila Office?

United Airlines Manila office in Philippines

Having issues while managing United Airlines booking? If yes, then you can get an overview through the complete guide provided to you below, and then you will easily get help and resolutions. If you want to contact United Airlines at the Manila office, then you are advised to go through the following content to get the necessary information.

Medium of connecting United Airlines Manila agent

To get support from United Airlines in Manila, you can connect them through different sources. There are multiple channels that you can opt to arrive at the solution. Let’s get a more profound knowledge about each of these methods in the section provided below.

Talk to the United Agent

If you are confronting problems while making a flight booking through an online process. Then, you can dial the United Manila Phone Number and follow the calling process to connect with the United agent. Here are the instructions that you need to go through.

  • Dial 1800 879 89915 or +1-802-341-3409, and you will be connected to the United customer service.
  • Heed the calling instructions carefully to get the representative on the call  .
  • Deliver your thoughts and queries.
  • They will provide you with the necessary guidance over the phone.

Compose an email to the United representative

There’s another way through which you can talk to United Airlines in Manila. You need to create a new message and enter the United Airlines Manila email address, which is Give a brief introduction of your inquiry in the subject line. Now, in the body of your email, provide all the required data like booking details, contact infromation, and your concerned problem. Soon, United Airlines representatives will reach out to you on the same email and assist you further in resolving your query or request.

Meeting in person by visiting the office

People can choose to visit the United Airlines Manila office in Philippines. If you are wondering about meeting with the United office customer service personally, then kindly reach out at their official address, that is, The Enterprise Ctr Tower II, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Does United Airlines offer 24-hour support in Manila?

Yes, United Airlines does provide 24-hour assistance through phone calls. You can call the customer service at any time throughout the day, and seek the required help. Cooperate with the airline representatives in providing the necessary booking information and all the necessary data associated with your concern to get an effective response soon.

What are the United customer service hours in Manila?

Passengers can contact United Airlines anytime between their working hours which is 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, it is recommended that you try reaching out to them during the early morning hours or at late night.


This page helped you learn how you can contact United Airlines in Manila. If you need any other support, then implementing these techniques will surely help you to reach a resolution quickly. You can read their respective FAQs to learn more and save time by placing call with the United Manila customer service.

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