Interjet Airlines Office in La Aurora Airport?

How to reach Interjet Airlines Office in La Aurora Airport?

Interjet Airlines is a low-cost Mexican airline that has been serving passengers for decades. The Airline operates from many airports and provides exceptionally excellent services to all its passengers. One of the airports from where the Airline operates is  interjet airlines office in La Aurora Airport. The airport has all the amenities and facilities required by the passengers and airlines using the airport. If you want to contact the interjet airlines office in La Aurora Airport, keep reading the article.

Interjet Airlines La Aurora Airport Office Official Information?

Interjet La Aurora Airport Phone Number: Interjet La Aurora Airport's phone number (502) 2362 9204 can be dialed in case of any query related to the Airline.

Interjet La Aurora Airport official address: Ciudad de, 9 Avenida 14-75, Cdad. de Guatemala 00013, Guatemala.

La Aurora Airport Phone Number: +502 2321 5000.

Interjet La Aurora Airport Terminal: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These terminals are used for both domestic and international flights. All the facilities needed for smooth departure are provided at these terminals.

Interjet Airline Lost and Found Number: 210.822. 3400.

Interjet La Aurora Airport Working Hours: 24 hours.

Interjet Airline official website:

Interjet Airline social media link:

  • Facebook:
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Facilities available at Interjet Airlines La Aurora Airport?

  1. Reservation: As each Airline has a reservation counter at the airport terminal, the Interjet Airline also has it at La Aurora Airport. Reach the airline terminal to book any flight ticket if you cannot do it online.
  2. Seat upgradation facility: The Airline also provides a seat upgradation facility at their terminal. You can get assistance on how to upgrade a seat.
  3. Lost and found service: If you have left your item at the Airline, you can contact the lost and found service. The Airline lost and found team will try to solve your concern. Many other services are offered by the Airline.

Airlines offer other services are check-in, boarding, wifi, security, etc.




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