Aeromexico Name Correction Policy

How Do you Correct a Name on Aeromexico?

Entering an incorrect name during a booking is not a big deal and if you have also entered a misspelled name while booking an Aeromexico flight, then you can easily change it. But before modifying your name, you must read the Aeromexico Name Correction Policy; after that, you can do it easily. Here are a few of the policies:

  • The Aeromexico airline allows the passenger to correct their name up to three characters.
  • You can change your name after marriage or divorce, but you must provide a valid document to the airline representative. 
  • According to the aeromexico name change policy, you can make only minor corrections. 
  • If there is a major correction on the name, the representative will cancel your flight ticket and create a new pnr with the correction. 
  • The airline has a time limit to change your name, so you must edit your name in the time limits.

How do I change my name on the Aeromexico flight ticket?

You can change your name within a second. There are a few options to change the name; you can use them and edit your name hassle-free. Whenever you change your name, please check out the Aeromexico Name Correction Policy; after that, you can change your name easily. Follow the given methods to change the name through the online method-

  • Open the official website of Aeromexico. 
  • Locate your cursor and click on “my trip option.”
  • Provide your reservation number and last name, and click the arrow option. 
  • Choose the change option and tap on the name option. 
  • Edit your name and fill out the other details. 
  • Before submitting the details, please verify your details. 
  • For the fare difference, pay the charges. 
  • Receive the details on your registered email ID.

Can I change my name on the Aeromexico on the phone call?

Yes, you can change your name using the phone call option. To change the name on the Aeromexico flight ticket, you must use this phone number-1 (800) 237-6639 or +1-802-341-3409. Contact the representative and ask them to change the name on the flight ticket. They will change it and provide the details on your confirmation email ID.

How can I change the name on the Aeromexico flight ticket by visiting the airport?

Correcting your name can be done by visiting the airport. You must go to the airline counter at the airport and request the human to change your name and pay the name change fee according to the aeromexico name policy. They will change your name and provide you with confirmation in your email.

Does Aeromexico charge the passengers to edit their names?

Yes, the airline charges to change the name. According to the  Aeromexico Name Correction Policy, you can edit your name within a specific time limit; after that, you must pay the charges. The charges start from $30 and vary according to your travel ticket and time, and you make the changes.

Final Words

To know about the  Aeromexico Name Correction Policy, you must visit the airline website or connect with customer service to gather the details.



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