Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

How many bags can you carry-on Spirit Airlines for free?

Whenever passengers who make bookings with Spirit Airlines flight will carry some luggage with their trip for which they might be wondering about what should be the size of the luggage how much luggage they can carry in a carry-on or what happens if they carry overweight luggage. In this situation, they can get detailed information about the baggage policy and rules provided by Spirit Airlines flights to their passengers. So, you can go through the given information in this document to read about the baggage policy that you carry along on your journey.

Provide some terms and conditions of the Baggage policy:

You can read the given important highlights for Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy to avoid any problems during your flight boarding:

  • As per Spirit Airlines policy, they keep their fare ticket prices low as they only charge fees on carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Passengers whose checked baggage is more than 40 lbs will need to pay some baggage fee because the extra weight of baggage will require more gas on the Aircraft.
  • The personal item on Spirit Airline that completely fits in the smaller size box is included in the ticket which means it will not charge you any fee.
  • If you carry another personal item or any larger item will be counted as a standard carry-on and checked baggage but will not need to pay for it.
  • Guest who are traveling from/to the international Airport might be carrying oversized baggage or overweight baggage for which they will charge extra charges.

What are the size and weight limits of Spirit Airline bags?

As per the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, there are some measurements to carry a bag during your journey which are mentioned below:

Carry-on baggage guidelines:

  • The Maximum size of the carry-on bag is 22 x 18 x 10 inches which also includes handles and wheels.
  • The carry-on bag might be traveling as checked baggage if it couldn't be safely stowed on the particular flight.

To carry the personal items:

  • Personal items can include a backpack, small purses, and more.
  • The dimensions of personal items should not exceed more than 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

To carry on checked luggage:

  • The maximum size of checked baggage can be a maximum of 62 linear inches which includes handles and wheels.
  • The maximum weight of checked baggage is 40 pounds i.e.,  18.1 kg.
  • The Airline does not consider the weight of a bag more than 45 kg and a size of more than 80 linear inches.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for bags?

According to Spirit Airlines Baggage policy, Passengers who will carry overweight baggage and oversized luggage of 18 to 23 kg will need to pay $79 per page. Apart from this, passengers who will exceed 23 to 45 kg will have to pay $125 for every bag whereas oversized bag, costs around $150.


Passengers who want to inquire about Spirit Airlines Baggage policy can read the above information provided in this blog as it includes the airline's official data or you can also contact customer service.

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