What is the phone number for Lufthansa special assistance?

How to ask for Lufthansa Special Assistance?

Lufthansa Airlines is the second largest Airway in Europe and is mainly operated from Germany. Standard Airways, like Lufthansa, ensures travelers' overall safety during the trip. Passengers can contact Lufthansa Phone Number, which is +1-802-341-3409 or +1 800 - 645 38 80 anytime within 24 hours, and ask for flight service assistance. If any fliers need additional help at the Airport before boarding, they should inform the Airline 48 hours prior to plane take off. Further, they can avail Lufthansa Airlines special assistance through Online and Phone processes.

Use Phone strategy to get additional facilities at Lufthansa Airlines:

Travelers should prefer the Phone as the primary method because it establishes a quick link with live operators on the call. However, fliers can call Lufthansa Phone Number, which is 0 800 - 83 84 267/+1 800 - 645 38 80, and adhere to some necessary steps carefully for feasible connection with live agents over the Phone. When the agents are available on the call, they can ask for special assistance related to services such as Wheelchairs and medical equipment. The trained representatives will assist passengers on the same call and provide correct responses regarding special assistance.

Online process to avail of special assistance at Lufthansa Airlines:

Travelers can choose the Online procedures to obtain special assistance only when they have inadequate internet access. However, fliers should have proper internet access to avail of the additional facility of Lufthansa flights. Also, it is an alternative to Lufthansa Phone Number, which is +1 800 - 645 38 80, and they should follow some of the specific instructions carefully to use the special assistance.

  • Initially, travelers can go to the Lufthansa Airlines standard website  https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/homepage.
  • They can go to the special assistance option under the "Help" section.
  • Passengers should click on the Online particular assistance forms to register successfully.
  • Fliers must enter some essential details such as name, Email ID, Phone number, booking code, ticket number, and flight date.
  • Travelers should also tell which particular type of assistance they need, like mobility impairments or a Wheelchair.

When the Online form is submitted successfully, Lufthansa representatives will access it thoroughly and arrange the Wheelchair or mobile impairment assistant for qualified passengers at the Airport before departure.

Special assistance provided to travelers at Lufthansa Airlines:

Lufthansa Airlines offers various types of special assistance, mainly in the form of Wheelchair, Portable Oxygen Cylinders/POC, and other impairment devices. However, passengers should call Lufthansa Phone Number and request special assistance not less than 48 hours prior to plane take off so that the Airline can arrange the best suitable options for unique service. Further, Lufthansa Airlines does not charge any extra cost for Wheelchair assistance and is allowed to carry other associated medical equipment as per the Airline's policy.

Similarly, only eligible passengers can carry their POC/Portable Oxygen Cylinder on the plane even after trustable physical statements. Fliers having respiratory problems can also take non-spillable ventilators only when the FAA approves it.

Thus, all the information shared here regarding Lufthansa Airlines special assistance is correct and referred from its official page.

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