Air Arabia Name Change Policy

Can I Change Passenger Name Air Arabia?

Gain information about changing the name on an Air Arabia ticket. 

With the main hub at Sharjah International Airport, Air Arabia flies to various destinations around the UAE and also to other countries. At times, while making the booking, you may fall into making mistakes while filling in the passenger details. If there has been a fault with passenger’s name, you can read the information below, which shall help you make the changes upon reading through the Air Arabia Name Change Policy, process, fees, etc. Thus, to complete the changes, go through the information and make the required process completed.

Air Arabia Name Change Policy

For help from Air Arabia with making changes to the booking, you can get the changes only after reading through the given policies. The guidelines you must abide by are as follows:

  • A complete name change is not allowed. Minor changes up to a few characters, which is three characters, are allowed. 
  • While making changes to the booking, ensure that the ticket cannot be resold to any other passenger. 
  • Corrections to a ticket can be made only once. Per ticket more than once, corrections cannot be made. 
  • Changes from nicknames to legal names, expansion of middle names, and alteration of first and last names are also allowed on the airline with a name change process.

How do I change the passenger name on Air Arabia?

Post-reading through the Air Arabia Name Change Policy, you can then make changes to the booking. The same can be done using two modes. These two channels are online and offline. Both of them have two different channels to be followed.

ONLINE: With changing or modifying the passenger’s name online is the adopted process one can easily follow. The steps are as follows: 

  • Breeze through Air Arabia’s official website, 
  • Click on the given manage booking option and, using the last name of the passengers and booking reference number, salvage the booking. 
  • Then, get on to the booking summary page. Now, click on the preferred reservation, proceed to the menu icon list, and choose name change from the change drop-down options. 
  • Then, make the changes as required and attach the scanned copies of the documents. 
  • If confirmed, the changes and modifications shall be allowed. Just make the payment.

OFFLINE: Changes to the passenger’s name on an Air Arabia ticket can also be done through the offline process or the call method. You may get the same done by looking for help after going through the Air Arabia Name Change Policy by making a call. Dial +971 600 508001 or +1-802-341-3409 and connect with the executive so that you can ask for help with making changes and modifications to the booking.

What is the name change cost of Air Arabia?

With regard to making changes and modifications to the passenger’s name on Air Arabia, you will have to pay the change fee ranging from $50 to $150. However, this shall vary from one another depending on Air Arabia Name Change Policy. Thus, for more assistance, contact the airline or visit their website so you can get hold of an apt solution.


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