Air Canada Mask Policy

Air Canada Mask Policy

All you need to know about Air Canada Mask policy for travel during the Covid times

People are quite apprehensive of Covid 19 as far as travel is concerned. The Covid 19 travel guidelines are in place and travelers need to abide by the rules and travel restrictions in order to board the Air Canada plane.

If you are someone who needs to travel by Air Canada then you must go through all tee restrictions and travel rules that are set in place to eliminate the chances of the spread of the virus. Preventive measures are in place and one needs to follow them to stay safe while traveling via flight.

The current border measures are effective from April 1 st, 2022. There is a pre-entry test; however, those who are pre-vaccinated can leave the test.

Here is a checklist for travelers and the things that they need to ensure before boarding a plane with Air Canada

Passengers need to check for the following key pointers for traveling by Air Canada to any destination. 

  • Travel is restricted for travelers who are sick or have any symptoms related to Covid 19.
  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated and must have a vaccination proof certificate for traveling by Air Canada flights.
  • One must make sure that they receive a booster shot or the second dose of the vaccine within 14 calendar days prior to the day of the scheduled travel. 
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for travelers in and out of the airport and during the flight as a precaution against the spread of the novel Coronavirus.
  • People must check and go through the list of the accepted vaccines before getting the shot for international travel with Air Canada. 

As per the Air Canada Mask Policy, travelers must travel with masks on in and out of the flight. Penalties are in place for those who will not comply with the travel rules and regulations enacted by the travel authorities for flight travel.


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