Air Europa Name Change Policy

Can you change name on Air Europa flight?

A comprehensive guide on ‘Air Europa name change policy & Process’

Human errors are unintentional and can happen to anyone. Air Europa understands the facts and allows you to modify the booking in case any error occurs, including the name in the ticket.

As per the Air Europa name change policy, if you find any error after booking, you can rectify it immediately by visiting the official website of Air Europa or by talking to the representative. Besides, if you wonder how to make it happen, the complete process and policy you will explore in the article below, so say connected.

Air Europa Name Change Policy- Highlights

  • Air Europa allows you to rectify the name in case there is any error in the booking.
  • Air Europa allows only minor name changes up to three characters maximum. The complete name change is not possible with Air Europa. If a complete name change is required, you can make a new reservation with the correct name and cancel the existing booking. 
  • You might need to pay certain charges as a name change fee based on various factors. 
  • For those whose name is changed legally, such as in case of marriage or divorce, they must submit the legal document to support the name changes. 
  • As per Air Europa name change policy, your name should be changed before boarding, and the name on the ticket should be the same as the name on the ID proof or the passport.

Air Europa Name Change Process

To change your name with Air Europa, you can use the same source as booking. You can visit the Air Europa website online or speak to the Air Europa reservation department. Here is the detailed process:

Change the name online:

  • Head to the Air Europa official site and click on login
  • Else, go to the ‘Manage your reservation’ and change the flight 
  • Enter the Booking reference/ Locator and flight details / Ticket number and surname to search the booking 
  • Choose the ticket you wish to change the name to make the modification 
  • Pay for the name change fee and follow instructions to complete the process
  • Once done, the confirmation email for the revised booking will be sent to your email.

Change the name over the phone:

Apart from phone, you can also speak to the Air Europa representative and request them to modify your name. Provide the booking details and confirm the correct name. The Air Europa agent will make the modification on your behalf and share with you a confirmation email. Remember, Air Europa might charge additional administrative fees if you make modifications over the phone.

Air Europa name change fee

Per Air Europa name change policy, if you rectify the name with Air Europa, you might have to pay the change fee of around $ 30 to $150 based on the time you wish to change the name. You can speak to the Air Europa representative directly to know the exact change fee.

Conclusion: Air Europa name change policy suggests that if there is a minor error in your name, you can modify it by visiting the official site and by talking to the agents. Besides, speak to the agent directly in case your booking is made via a third party. For more information, speak to Air Europa agents or visit the website. 

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