Air France Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my Air France ticket and get a refund?

Get certain detail for cancellation policy on Air France

Air France encourages you to book your flight ticket to your intended destination when you visit this website accordingly. Get more benefits when you request deals and offers and get assistance for your travel needs with a live person. If you have changed your travel plan and want to cancel your flight ticket, comprehend the Air France cancellation policy and get positive instructions to cancel your flight hassle-free. Get complete instructions to make your booking safe and secure, cancel your flight within 24 hours of the booking, and get a refund without paying any charges.

What is Air France Cancellation Policy?

When you don’t wish to travel to your required destination and request a cancellation, request a refund soon. You can anticipate the services and facilities on Air France when you check out the flight schedule. It is true that no one wants to enjoy canceling the travel plan once it is booked online or through a travel agent. But it is the situation when you have to cancel your flight, and you need to get some information about Air France cancellation policy that you must read its update points and prevent unnecessary trouble. You must go through the details about the cancelation policy, avoid paying any charges, and get easy request tips online.

  • When you book your flight ticket to your required destination with Air France online, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of the cancellation and request a refund soon.
  • If you have completed your booking within seven days before your flight departure date, you don’t need to pay any charges and get a full refund.
  • If you have booked group fare or pre-booked seat assignment and wish to travel to your destination but suddenly change your travel plan and cancel it within 24 hours, your request will not be accepted.
  • You obtain the travel voucher as a refund right after the flight cancellation and use it for future travel with Air France.
  • The travel voucher that you receive after the flight cancellation will remain valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Get easy steps to cancel your flight on Air France:

I hope you have understood the basic concept of canceling your flight ticket by going through the Air France cancellation policy and avoiding unnecessary doubts. After enlightened with the significant policy, you will go through the simple steps to cancel your flight.

  • First, visit the booking website of Air France and go to the manage booking tab showing on the same page.
  • Enter the reservation number and last name of the passenger cli,ck on the continue button, and view your booking details.
  • Check out certain facts for canceling your flight ticket online from the flight change and cancellation option.
  • Enter the cause of flight cancelation into the description and click the continue button to get the cancellation message on your phone.

If you still have trouble canceling your flight and cannot get a refund, contact the Air France cancellation policy, check out the updated information, avoid unnecessary charges, and request a refund soon.



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