Air France Covid Cancellation Policy

Air France Covid Cancellation Policies

The ongoing pandemic has created much chaos and panic among people and airlines alike. Thankfully, with time, the airlines have updated most of their policies and provided much-needed facilities to reduce the fear of the pandemic and help passengers make sure they don’t lose their hard-earned money with sudden changes in the flight policies imposed by the health organizations around the world. Air France is not behind in this update. It has introduced several Air France covid cancellation policy, which are not only to ensure safety but make sure that people are not financially affected by covid.

  • The airline has introduced its 100% flexible flight change policies to make sure that everyone, irrespective of the type of ticket booked, has the option to reschedule their flights and cancel the existing ones.
  • Passengers are eligible to get a full refund. If the ticket does not allow a full refund, the money is processed as a voucher, and passengers get the total value. Passengers can use these vouchers for upto a year.
  • The 24-hour policy still stands, and passengers can still choose to cancel their flight in line with this policy.
  • The Air France covid cancellation policy allows you to change the date and destination free of cost for all tickets.

For further information and guidance, contact the airline through the contact details mentioned on the official website or through direct chat and email on the website.

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