Alaska Airlines Extra Seat Policy

Can you buy an extra seat on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines allows passengers to book an extra seat on their flight for more comfort. Sometimes, a few passengers are required to have more arm space and cannot sit with the armrest down. They are advised to purchase an extra seat for their suitability. One must be aware of an Alaska Airlines extra seat policy before buying a comfort seat on their flight. 

The Alaska seat policy that is applicable for booking an extra seat is as follows:

  • The passenger must need to have an adjunct seat on the flight based on the flight’s seat dimensions. 
  • The fare for the extra seat is non-refundable and will not be reimbursed in any condition. 
  • There are separate charges for buying an extra seat on the flight, which adds to the standard seat fare.
  • A person can also use the Alaska Airlines miles to add a comfort seat on their booking as well as a companion voucher for the same.
  • The comfort seat depends on the availability of seats on the flight.
  • The passengers with a comfort seat booking will not be eligible for the complimentary upgrades. 
  • No additional baggage allowance will be provided to the passengers even if they purchase an extra seat on the flight.

How to book an extra seat with Alaska Airlines?

An extra seat can be booked on the Alaska Airlines flight from the website, contacting customer service, or from the ticket counter. The methods are explained below for your help:

Book an extra seat online

A person can book an extra seat for their travel with an Alaska Airlines flight online. They will have to go through with the booking procedure that is mentioned here:

  • Visit the homepage of Alaska Airlines on your browser,
  • Put all the required things to search for your flight,
  • Select the number of passengers, and select the Comfort Seat option,
  • After that, choose the “Find Flights” button to view the available flights,
  • Proceed to book a flight that is suitable as per your plan,
  • Add on the passenger information on the appeared page,
  • Next, make payment for the standard seat and the comfort seat at Alaska Airlines,
  • After the completion of payment, the booking will be confirmed, and the flight tickets will be shared in the mentioned email.

Book an extra seat contacting customer service

Travelers are also allowed to contact the customer service of Alaska Airlines for booking an extra seat on a flight. An executive can help you make the booking based on your plans and book a comfort seat for you on the flight. You may take detailed information about the Alaska seat policy before the booking. You must call at 3300-3499//+1-802-341-3409 for an extra seat and share your requirements. As the executive avails, provide the details of your requirement and pay the applicable fare. The booked ticket will be sent to your email.

Book an extra seat at ticket counter

The passengers can also visit the nearest ticket counter to book their seats on an Alaska Airlines flight. You will have to share the requirements of the flight ticket with the representative and ask for a comfortable seat for suitability. As per the availability, your booking will be done, and you will get your ticket in hand at the ticket counter.

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