American Airlines Name Correction Policy

American Airlines Name Correction Guidelines

Humans are prone to make mistakes. This can also happen when you are likely to go through for help with the mistakes you have made to the name of the passenger. The name of the passenger must be the same as that of the one in the government authorized only, after which you shall be allowed to board the flight. In a condition where the mistake is made, you can get to change the name of the passenger accordingly and hence make American Airlines Name Correction. Go through the details given in the content below that shall guide you to do the needful.

Name Change Policy of American Airlines

Learning that the passenger's name change must adhere to a certain American Airlines Name Change Policy is the first step towards making any modifications. The following rules must be understood if you want to make any changes to the ticket.

  • On an American Airlines ticket, a full name change is not permitted. There aren't many options for changes. 
  • It is not possible to change or modify tickets that were purchased through a third-party agency. Instead, for the relevant modifications, you can get in contact with the airline. 
  • It is free to add the passenger's middle name after they provide their name. 
  • The passenger's name must correspond with the one on file with the government-approved identity documents. 
  • alterations to the traveler's name
  • There is a three-character limit on name changes for passengers.  You are unable to alter anything more than that. The name change allows for the correction of misspelled words. 
  • Changes resulting from marriage or divorce are only permitted with the appropriate certification.

Name Change Guidelines of American Airlines

You might decide to pursue the assistance you need in order to make the changes you desire with the assistance of the airline you are hoping to use. The following are the salient points of the American Airlines Name Change Rule that you should be aware of prior to the changes.

  • It is not possible to sell the ticket to another person. 
  • In addition to the name change fee, there will be a fare difference for the modification you want to make. 
  • A new PNR will be issued in conjunction with the passenger's name change. Along with the name change procedure, upgrades and class changes are not permitted. 
  • Following the name change, a seat change is not allowed.

Change the Passenger Name through the Online Process on Amercian Airlines ticket

Through the online process, changing the passenger's name is simple. The following is the online process to obtain the desired changes:

  • Go to, the official website of American Airlines. 
  • With the usage of the passenger's last name and the booking reference numbers, salvage the reservation. 
  • Next, select the name change option from the drop-down menu by clicking on the change option in the menu icon list. 
  • To obtain the best outcome for the modifications you want to make, follow the steps outlined in the instructions that pop up. 
  • After that, finish the payment so you can verify the modifications you want to make. 
  • Once done, you shall be availed of a confirmation email. 


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