American Airlines Student Discount

Does American Airline Do Student Discounts?

American Airlines offer a student discount for airfare. However, they have a program called "StudentUniverse" that provides discounted airfare to students. This program is offered in partnership with American Airlines. It would be best if you were a college or a school student to take advantage of student discounts. You can visit their website to search for flights and access the discounted fares. To know more information about american airline's student discount,  you must speak with the airline representative.

Terms and conditions of American Airlines Student Discount

American Airlines offer a student discount for airfare. However, they partner with StudentUniverse to provide discounted airfare to students. The terms and conditions of the Student Discount are as follows:

  • Eligibility: To be eligible for the student discount, you must be a university student. You may be required to provide proof of your enrollment. 
  • Flight Restrictions: The discounted airfare is subject to availability, and blackout dates may apply. You may also be limited to specific flights and routes. The discounted fares may be available only for specific destinations and routes.
  • Booking: All bookings must be made through the StudentUniverse website or call center. You may be required to provide your student ID number when booking.
  • Payment: Payment for the discounted airfare must be made at the time of booking. StudentUniverse accepts major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Cancellation and Refunds: Cancellation and refund policies may vary depending on the fare type. You should review the terms and conditions of your booking carefully before making a purchase.
  • Baggage allowance: The baggage allowance may vary depending on the fare type. You should check the baggage policy before you travel.

Do college students get discounts on American Airlines?

Yes, college students on American Airlines can receive the flights at a discount by log-in for a free account with the StudentUniverse. The airline will discount up to 30 to 40% on flight bookings if the student creates a free membership account.

How to use the American Airlines student discount?

To use the American Airlines student discount, you must book your ticket through StudentUniverse. This travel booking website provides discounted airfare to students. Here's how to book a flight with American Airlines using StudentUniverse:

  • Go to the StudentUniverse website and create an account or log in if you have one.
  • Enter your travel details, including your departure and arrival destinations, travel dates, and number of passengers.
  • Select "American Airlines" as your airline preference and search for flights.
  • Choose the flight timing that best fits your travel plans. You'll see the discounted fare listed next to the regular fare so that you can compare the prices.
  • Verify your student status by providing your school name and expected graduation date. You may also need to upload a copy of your student ID or other enrollment proof.
  • Enter your personal and payment information to complete the booking.
  • Review the booking details and terms and conditions before confirming your purchase.

How to get information about student discounts on American Airlines?

To obtain information about student discounts, you can speak with the airline representative on this number- 1 (800) 433-7300/;+1-802-341-3409 follow the voice prompt carefully and get the details about your query within a few seconds.

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