Asiana Airlines Change Flight Policy

How much does it cost to Change a Flight with Asiana?

Do you have any queries regarding flight changes at Asiana Airlines? Seeking help in making flight changes at Asiana? If you are wondering or want to know about Asiana Airlines flight change policy then here are the main highlights of the policy.

  • According to this policy, no charges would be made if you request the change within 24 hours of flight booking.
  • After the free period, a nominal Change Flight fee or service charge would be applicable.
  • Passengers must pay the fare difference if eligible.
  • Fare differences depend on flight route, availability, cabin class, and more.
  • You are advised to opt for the same methods for changing the Flight as you chose to book the flight ticket.
  • You will not be allowed to change your Flight once you are done with the check-in process.
  • If you need to change the flight, you can quickly do so by connecting with customer service.

How do you change flights on Asiana Airlines?

There are far enough methods provided by the airlines through which anyone can request to change flights. It's advisable to keep Asiana Airlines flight change policy in mind before requesting it. Let's learn about these ways.

Change Flight via Phone.

The most comfortable way to change your Asiana flight is by making a call to the Asiana representative and requesting them to change your Flight. You will be able to connect with them by following the calling procedure. Kindly dial the Asiana phone number, which is +1-800-227-4262 (Toll-Free),or +1-802-341-3409 and press the prompted buttons. Soon, you will hear the representative voices. They will ask for the new details, proceed with it, and do not forget to review the changes before paying the fare difference. When the process is done, you will get the latest flight itinerary in your mail.

Change Flight online.

Another widely used method to change your Asian Flight is online. This way, you can quickly change your Flight according to the Asiana Airlines flight change policy, and you don't have to suffer the disadvantages of the calling procedure. Here are the steps that you can follow.

  • Go to the Asiana Airlines' official website and visit the booking management area.
  • Click on the managed booking and provide the information asked on the screen.
  • Choose your Flight and follow the ongoing instructions to change your Flight.
  • After confirming the changes, move to pay the fare difference.
  • Once you are done making the payment, You will get the latest flight itinerary.

Change Flight from ticket counter.

The finest way to change to an Asian flight is by reaching the nearest ticket center. When you reach the ticket center, you will be reached by the Asiana executive. Follow the executive's instructions and explain the required changes you wanna make. Provide the credentials they asked for, and once you settle the payment and charges, the executive will proceed with the changes accordingly.


Hopefully, this short article will help you become aware of Asiana Airlines flight change policy. If you would like to have any more information, you can contact the customer service department at Asiana Airlines.

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