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Asiana Airlines Seat Selection


How do I select my seats on Asiana airlines

All the passengers traveling from Asiana airlines to their next destination can choose their preferred seat seamlessly by using various methods. However, the most advisable and preferable method of performing Asiana airlines seat selection process is using the online website. The official website of Asiana Airlines allows passengers to check in early before their departure so they can ditch the long waiting time at the airport. So here is how you can select your seats on Asiana airlines. 

Online seat selecting procedure of Asiana airlines

  • Firstly get through the official website of Asiana airlines with the help of your web engine and by using a device like a PC or mobile phone. 
  • Select the check-in option from the on-page tab of 'book a trip, find my trip, check-in, flight status, hotel/car rentals.'
  • You will have to choose whether you want to receive the flight information using the booking ID or flight ticket number, so choose one of them.
  • Now continue entering your numerical digit and the boarding date, and click on the 'search' button. 
  • You will be prompted to a check-in page, so click on the appropriate option of sat selection. 
  • Now select your seat according to the budget and preference, then follow the on-screen guidelines until you get through the final payment page. 
  • Make the necessary patent, and you will immediately receive the boarding passes that include your selected seat. 

At last, you can download or take a printout of the boarding pass to check in at the airport. Passengers can also select thair seats through the self-check-in kiosks of Asiana airlines installed at the airport, or they can visit the airport counter Asiana airlines and ask the agent for the boarding passes.



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