Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

Can I Cancel a Flight in Avianca Airlines?

Avianca Airlines is the largest airline and air carrier in Colombia. In case you have booked a flight ticket with Avianca Airlines and want to cancel it due to unusual circumstances, you can cancel it by following Avianca Airlines' Cancellation Policy. The Avianca Airlines cancellation policy states that you are entitled to receive a complete refund if you have booked your flight ticket 24 hours before your scheduled departure, with the purchase made seven days before the scheduled date. Any cancellation made after 24 hours of booking does not fall under the criteria of the risk-free window, and you will have to pay the charges and fees to cancel your flight.

What is the Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy?

If you want to cancel the flight, you are instructed to adhere to the terms and conditions of Avianca Airlines' Cancellation Policy mentioned below to undergo the cancellation process smoothly.

  • The airline may cancel your flight ticket without previous notification in case of severe weather conditions, considering the safety of its passengers.
  • If the flight gets delayed by more than three hours, you can cancel it and become eligible for a full refund.
  • Suppose you have made your booking through a third-party agent; the airline is not responsible for a refund in such cases; you need to get through the agent for any issue associated with the flight cancellation.
  • Suppose you have canceled your tickets due to medical conditions. You can state the reason for canceling your flight and present your reports that will show your health conditions; the airline will cancel your ticket free of cost. 
  • If you cancel your flight due to the death of your family or close ones, the airline will repay the whole amount. However, you need to produce the death certificate that will support your statement.

What is the procedure for canceling the Avianca flight ticket online?

After checking the eligibility of booking the flight ticket under the Avianca Airlines' Cancellation Policy, you need to go through the procedure of canceling the Avianca flight ticket online. The steps for which are given below:

  • Skim through the official homepage of Avianca Airlines. 
  • Click on the “manage my booking” section and enter your last name and PNR number to get the booking itinerary. 
  • Now, get back to the menu to choose the flight cancellation option. 
  • On the next page, you will find a form that you need to fill out to cancel your flight ticket. Complete the form by stating your reason for flight cancellation and attach all the relevant documents.
  • Submit the form and wait; the airline will cancel your flight and proceed with the remaining amount after deducting the charges from your source payment.

What if my flight gets delayed by more than three hours?

As per the Avianca Airlines cancelation policy, if your flight gets delayed more than three hours, the airline will send you a link in which it will ask you to decide what you want to do next. You can either wait or cancel your flight to book another flight.

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