Avianca Airlines Group Travel

Avianca Airlines Group Travel

Avianca was previously known as SCADTA when it began its journey in 1920. It has a total of 100 in-service aircraft. Passengers can book tickets, benefit from Avianca programs, and enjoy their services. With the many services it offers, group travel is one of them. It provides business corporate travel plans which are easily accessible for the passengers on the web portal. For a group of 15 people or more, Avianca offers group travel packages. These packages provide several benefits that will encourage group reservations with Avianca repeatedly.

Several benefits of Avianca Airlines group travel are as follows:

Benefits before travel:

  • For group bookings with Avianca, passengers get special fixed fares. These fares have a comparatively lower price of flight than the individual bookings.
  • Dial Now Avianca Airlines Phone Number 1 (800) 284-2622 or 1-802-341-3409
  • Passengers get an Event e-card for group travel. 
  • They get Inspection travel tickets.
  • Passengers can keep track of the performance travel program.

Benefits at the airport and boarding

  • Passengers traveling with Avianca group travel get particular lane check-in.
  • They get group seating access.
  • They get a personalized welcome speech on board from the crew of Avianca Airlines.

What are the terms and conditions of Avianca Airlines group travel?

As you book for group travels with Avianca Airlines, you must know the terms and conditions that apply to the passengers. These terms and conditions are mentioned below:

  • Avianca Airlines group travel applies when the minimum number of passengers in a group is 15. Only 15 passengers in a group get the perks and benefits of this package.
  • Passengers must send their quote to get group travel assistance from Avianca Airlines.
  • Quotes sent when less than a month is left before the flight departure is not addressed.
  • The minimum number of passengers in the group includes all adults, children, and babies.
  • If the group representative cancels their booking, all the passengers' reservations in the group travel are canceled.

How to make a group trip with Avianca Airlines

The reservations for the group trip depend on the number of passengers traveling in the group. If you want to make a group trip booking with Avianca Airlines Group Travel, the number of passengers must be at least 15.

Please consider the following steps to request group travel with Avianca Airlines:

  • Visit the website of Avianca Airlines,
  • Go to the Help center.
  • Click on Buy on
  • Look for How to make a group trip.
  • Click the link on the form to fill out the quote for the group booking with Avianca.
  • Fill in the group representative's first name, last name, email, and mobile number and submit the quote.
  • You will get the quote in the email you sent in the form.
  • If you want to accept the quote, reply to the email and request Avianca for the seat reservation.
  • As you send your email, Avianca representatives will guide you through reserving your booking and making the payment.

You can take advantage of group bookings and get to enjoy the benefits such as low-cost fare, easy boarding, etc. you must remember the terms and conditions for the group booking before you make any plan to travel with this program. With Avianca Airlines Group travel, you can enjoy traveling with your family and friends, even during your flight.


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