Avianca Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Avianca Airlines Missed Flight Policy

To make all possible facilities convenient and safe for the passengers, certain policies, or we can say rules related to them, are also maintained. Avianca Airlines also stays updated and up to the mark with its regulations. Suppose you are stuck in an unfortunate situation like heavy resistance on roads, personal issues, or any medical suffering and have missed your flight. So, from now onwards, Avianca Airlines Missed Flight Policy will be applied to you to handle your case. The policies are:-

  • If you have missed the Avianca flight due to extreme natural calamities, then you can rebook your flight.
  • If, due to any problem, your name is skipped from the booked flight. Then, a new seat is arranged by Avianca Airlines on another flight on that day.
  • But the airline will charge some amount for rebooking or rescheduling after missing the flight.

There is also one more type of situation for which an airline is prepared with proper rules and policies, i.e., No show case. Check them ahead to know about it clearly:-

  • If you have not boarded the flight, nor have you tried to cancel the booking or informed about your absence on the departure date. In that case, Avianca Airlines imposes a No show case, and your situation will be sorted out with its policies.
  • If you have a journey of connecting flights but have yet to board the first one, then your connecting flight will be canceled automatically.
  • After getting No show from Avianca, you are still eligible to reschedule your flight after paying the penalty.

Rebook your Avianca flight

You can still reschedule or rebook your flight when the airline marks you under the No show case. You must know the ways to rebook the flight in this situation:-

Airport desk:- 

  • If you have just missed your flight but reached the airport, then you may visit the airport desk/counter of Avianca Airlines.
  • Request for the rebooking of flight to the help desk representative.
  • Share your last ticket details, and the representative will make a new booking.
  • Check the details thoroughly and get new tickets after paying the penalty amount.

Customer support:-

  • You may get through the airline’s helpline phone number to rebook your flight.
  • Get the official phone number of Avianca Airlines from the website.
  • Make a call and connect your call with the live person by following the instructions of IVR.
  • Let the person know about your situation and share the details of the previous flight.
  • You will get a notification of the rebooked ticket, check the details, and make payments accordingly to confirm the rescheduled tickets.

Also, you can reach the support team through an online chat

  • On the contact information page of the airline’s website, you will observe an icon for “Chat”.
  • Click on it to get connected with the virtual assistant and request the rebooking.

Avianca Airlines waits for the passengers till the last moment. If you have reached the airport already but are stuck in the security checks, then you will hear the announcement of your name with the flight number, then ground staff will help to leave the line and pass the security check first.




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