Can I bring a backpack and a carry-on KLM Airlines

KLM Airlines Baggage Policy, Fees & Allowance

KLM Airlines is a Netherlands-based airline that provides flight services on international and domestic routes worldwide. They aim to provide their customers with the best quality services; besides earning a profit, the foremost motto is to give flight facilities at affordable prices. After booking the flight with the airline, various questions might arise in the passenger's mind. The first query is about Can I bring a backpack and a carry-on KLM Airlines. Yes, you can carry baggage as per the policy of the airlines.

What is the hand baggage policy on KLM Airlines

The meaning of hand baggage differs from class to class; if you carry excess weight, there might be some charges required.

  • For economy class: You can bring one hand baggage with a size of 55 * 35 * 25cm (handles and wheels are included). You can carry another accessory (such as a laptop bag/small handbag) with a size of 40 * 30 * 15cm. Overall the combined weight allowed is 12 kg.
  • For Premium Class: You can bring two hand baggage of the same size as in economy class and one extra accessory with the same weight as in economy. Overall the combined weight and size allowed is up to 18 kg. The rules for business class will also be the same.

What is the checked baggage policy

You can add extra baggage at the same time or after booking. The passengers can get additional details about their luggage from the help desk counter of the airline.

  • For economy class: No extra fees will be charged if you bring one baggage with a weight up to 158cm (length + width + height). The weight allowed is 23 kg.
  • For Premium or Business class: You can bring two items for checked baggage; the weight allowed is the same as in economy. The maximum weight allowed in premium is 23 kg, and for business is 32 kg.

Explanation of extra or oversized bag fees and policy

You can bring oversized baggage, but the airlines will charge a specific fee. Passengers are allowed to bring additional baggage up to 23 kg per item. If you add extra baggage at least 24 hours before flight departure, you must pay EUR 20 and EUR 70 for flights within Europe, and intercontinental flights, pay EUR 30 and EUR 240.

If baggage's weight exceeds and turns out to be heavier or larger than what is allowed, airlines will charge extra fees for the same. EUR 70 and 200 for flights within Europe and EUR 75 and 300 for intercontinental. Maximum weight and size must not exceed 32 kg and 300 cm.

How can I get in touch with airlines

If the passenger faces any baggage-related issue, they don't need to worry about it as klm airlines phone number is available to contact the airlines. Follow the steps given below:

  • Dial +1800-375-8723 or 1-802-341-3409. Follow IVR instructions and touch the number as per your requirement.
  • Touch 0 for bookings and timings of flights.
  • For baggage weight and its policy, touch 2.
  • Touch 3 for refunds.
  • For more information, touch # and talk to the live representative.

You can ask the customer service agent about booking other flights or for cancellation.

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