Can I Cancel my Delta Airlines Flight

Have you changed your mind or are stuck in some work and want to cancel your Delta Flight? Don't worry, you have come across the right page. Here you will find all the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy and refund policies. Go through these policies and then cancel your delta flight. 

Cancellation and refund policies of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines cares for its customers, and that is why they have made these policies to favor them. Read these policies given below:

  • Under the twenty-four-hour policy, if a passenger cancels the flight ticket within twenty-four hours, then they are eligible for a refund from the airline.
  • A passenger would receive a full refund if the canceled ticket was refundable.
  • A passenger will not receive any refund if the flight ticket is non-refundable, but they can ask airlines for a refund of taxes.
  • If a refundable ticket is canceled after the departure of the flight, then airlines will not provide any refund.
  • To get a refund for canceled tickets from the airline, the passenger should fill out a refund request form within twenty-four hours.

The cancellation fee and time for a refund

The airlines do charge the cancellation fee from the passengers to avoid these charges. Under the Delta Airlines Refund Policy and cancellation policy, you can avoid these charges by making the changes within twenty-four hours, or you can purchase a refundable ticket. After filling out the refund request form, wait for at least seven working to get a refund. The refund will be processed in the original mode of transaction only. To get an instant refund, click on the travel voucher option while filling out the form.

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