Can I change a name on a Loganair flight Ticket

Can I Change a Name on a Loganair Flight Ticket

Yes, all the customers are allowed to make changes to the names of booked tickets. If the modification of your name is necessary for you, then you should also keep in mind the policies that are set by the airline for this situation. Even so, you must know the best way possible through which you can change your name as an answer to: Can I change a name on a Loganair flight Ticket without asking for any external help?

Loganair name change policies and regulations

  • If the ticket name does not look like your passport or another ID proof, then you can apply to modify the unused Loganair tickets.
  • Surnames or Last names are allowed to be altered entirely, but you can modify only two to three letters in your first name.
  • Complete modification in the first name shows that you have booked a ticket using the name of another person.
  • You must share the authentic ID with the airline while making changes and bring it to the airport on the departure date.
  • The charges are applied to the ticket holder if the modification is requested after 24 hours of the ticket purchase.
  • If you fail to show the submitted ID at the airport security check, then you will not be allowed to enter the flight.
  • Also, your name on the ticket and passport or another proof must match.

Simplest procedure for name modification in the ticket

To utilize the simplest method for modification, you do not need to look after the loganair customer service facility. This procedure is followed online; check it in points:-

  • Hang on to the web portal of Loganair and click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Restore your booking for editing by writing down your surname and Booking reference.
  • Use the name editing icon and make corrections in your surname or first which is required. 
  • Then attach a document file of your valid ID proof and continue.
  • Pay the charges for modification and submit the tickets again.
  • When your modification is accepted, you will receive an email or text regarding the modified name.

Take help from the airline.

If you are not sure about the modifications in your tickets but want to stay away from the problems that may happen at the airport, then loganair customer service number will help you to clear your queries and issues through various modes. These are:-

  • Call:- By dialing the contact number 011 44 141 642 9407 or 1-802-341-3409 of the airline, you will reach it's helpdesk team. Then first go through the IVR and get an option to connect your call with the live agent. Pick that particular option and ask your questions related to the name modification.
  • Contact form:- To obtain this, you need to get through the airline’s website and open the “Help Center” page of Loganair. Then tap on the “Submit form” icon to get a form to fill out. Please enter the details along with a brief description of your ticket modification doubts and submit it. You will get answers through your email with the proper steps and explanations.

To stay away from this situation, you are suggested to book the tickets attentively or remember the loganair Phone Number to get instant help.


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