Can I change my travel date in Ethiopian Airlines

Can I Change my Travel Date in Ethiopian Airlines

Yes, you can change the travel date of an Ethiopian Airline flight. You will need to know the precise policy and process to change the Ethiopian Airline flight.

Flight change policy of Ethiopian Airlines:

  • If you change the flight before the expiry of 24 hours of booking, no change fee will be charged except the fare difference.
  • If the flight is changed after 24 hours, a change fee will apply in addition to the fare difference.
  • If the ticket purchased is from flex fare, you can change it anytime without charges.
  • If the flight is changed because of delay or cancellation of Ethiopian Airline flight, no change fee will be charged.
  • You must change the flight before the departure of the scheduled flight. No change will be possible after the flight has departed.
  • The change of flight date on Ethiopian Airlines is subject to availability of seats on the desired flights with other terms and conditions of Ethiopian Airlines.

The process to change the flight:

On call: You can call customer service and request assistance to change the flight date. To speak to concerned person on ethiopian airlines phone number, try the steps below:

  • Call Now 1-802-341-3409
  • Follow the IVR directions
  • Press the number to connect with a customer service person 
  • Share the reason to change the flight date, your preferred time and date for the new flight, and the travel details.
  • The customer service person will provide options for available flights to your destination.
  • Select a flight and make the required payments
  • You will receive a confirmation on booking a new flight immediately on your registered email address.

Online change of flight: there is a very simple method to change the flight date online. You can do it anytime according to your convenience in the consecutive steps below:

  • Visit the Ethiopian Airlines official webpage or sign in from the phone app 
  • Click on “My Bookings” 
  • Enter your last name and reference number
  • You can see the complete booking information on the screen
  • Select change of flight from the given options
  • Enter the desired date and time for the new flight
  • Pay for the change fee and fare difference, if required
  • Complete the procedure with further instructions.
  • Ethiopian Airlines will send an email to your contact details confirming the change of flight date.

At the airport: In emergency conditions, you can change the flight date on the same day at the airport with assistance from the authorized person of Ethiopian Airlines.

Hence, to know if I can i change my travel date in ethiopian airlines, please refer to the above flight change information.

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