Can I change name a Eurowings Airlines?

Eurowings Airlines Name Change Policy

Flight change is a common travel scenario, and there are many travelers who, after booking a Eurowings flight, wish to make changes to their reservations due to sudden changes in travel plans. Sometimes these ticket holders are confused about whether eurowings airlines flight change is possible or not. They must note that yes, you can change your Eurowings flights even if you have completed bookings. For the same, some relevant information is curated below.

Eurowings flight change policies:

It is essential that customers who want to make eurowings airline flight change follow the rules and regulations set by the airline. Some crucial flight change policies are given below; you can read them carefully and avoid any confusion related to your flight changes:

  • Ticket holders who make flight changes within 24 hours of booking are exempted from paying the flight change fee.
  • If any customer changes flight after the initial 24 hours of the reservation, then he is supposed to pay flight change fees.
  • There are incidents in which Eurowings flights are delayed to take off; in that case, customers have the option to cancel their initial reservation and change their flight according to their preference.
  • Flight changes are strictly allowed if there is availability of flights.
  • Customers sometimes come across inevitable medical emergencies; in that case, Eurowings allows them to make flight changes without paying any flight change fee and providing relevant medical-documents. 
  • In order to make flight changes on Eurowings, customers are required to pay flight change fees along with differential-fees.

Eurowings online flight change process:

The flight changes process is quite straightforward, and customers who have already purchased tickets can go through the instructions given below and continue:

  • Go to the website of Eurowings
  • Click on the My-Trip option to edit your tickets.
  • Soon, you will find the option of “change flight booking.”
  • Email address and password must be inserted to find your bookings. 
  • As you tap on the login-button, you will find your reserved tickets.
  • Click on the flight change option.
  • You can now select alternate flights to your destination.
  • Soon, you will be turned to the payment page to pay flight-change fees. 
  • Click on the save option. 
  • Soon, a flight change message will be sent to your mobile-number.

Contact Eurowings customer services to make flight changes:

Flight changes can also be made by contacting customer services. There are many travelers who make flight reservations and then fail to change their flights online. These ticket holders can approach customer services by dialing eurowings airlines flight change phone number:  +49 (0)221 59 98 82 22 or +1-802-341-3409  they are now expected to select a language and proceed with the automated instructions. Finally, when the phone is connected to the corresponding representative handling flight-changes, customers can provide booking information to discover tickets and ask them to change flights. Representatives will look for alternate flight availability and then make changes accordingly. 

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