Can I change name on Hawaiian airlines ticket?

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Suppose the person booked an itinerary with Hawaiian Airlines but later finds out that the name spelling needs to be corrected. So, the Airline does provide a flexible Hawaiian Airlines Name Change policy to make the process more convenient. However, the customer must know the essential terms and conditions of the policy before submitting a change request. Kindly find the critical points of the change policy in the mentioned information.

  • Passengers are allowed to update the changes only for those Hawaiian-operated flights.
  • The purchased ticket must be the non-restricted fare.
  • You can correct up to three characters only, which are first name, last name, or middle name, but the airline will charge a change fee of USD 150.
  • If, by chance, the customer booked the ticket by nickname, then the traveler must submit a valid ID proof, which justifies the legal name change.
  • Suppose the passenger forgot to update the last name on the new booking so you can easily update the name change request along with the fare difference and change fee.
  • The airline can request legal documents for name change requests for circumstances like marital status, nicknames, misspelled names, inverted name changes, and more.
  • Legal documents: the airline can demand a name change and date of birth on valid ID proof such as a driver's License or Passport.
  • Under the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change policy, passengers do not have permission to edit the date, time, destination, or fare class.
  • You can also change the date of birth under name change policy.

How do I change the name on my Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

You can quickly request the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change online or via call. Still, the customers who have purchased the flight ticket via a third party are kept from updating the needed changes via Manage Booking. You must check the details below to understand the online name change process.

  • You must visit the Hawaiian Airlines official website if you need to spell first, last, or middle names.
  • Then go to the Manage Booking or My Trip tab.
  • Passengers must enter the booking confirmation code and the last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The complete booking will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, you must choose the change tab and edit the required changes.
  • To checkout, the customer must pay the difference and change fees.
  • The traveler should submit change requests online before 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

Change the Name on Hawaiian Airline through customer service phone number:

If the passenger still needs to edit the necessary changes in the booked itinerary online, then you are supposed to call the Airline customer service agent and submit the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change request. The Agent will ask for the required details and update the necessary changes. Representative will send the payment link to complete the checkout.

How much does Hawaiian Airlines charge for a name change?

Generally, the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change fee is based on fare difference or the route the customer has chosen. If the customer wants to change the first, middle, and last name, you must pay USD 15O as a change fee. For a legal name change, the customer must pay USD 200.

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