Can I check-in online with Brussels Airlines?

Do I need to check in online for Brussels Airlines?

If your ticket is booked with Brussel Airlines and you are worried about the Brussels Airlines Check-In, there are several ways. However, online check-in is the most convenient option because it is quick and simple. The article below provides detailed check-in information, including check-in types, deadlines, etc. Take a look to have smooth and comfortable boarding.

How can you check in online?

The online check-in starts in advance from 24 hours until 1 hour before the departure. You can check in for all passengers in your booking simultaneously, select or change seats, and add a frequent flyer number with online check-in. Check out the details here:

  • To check-in online, go to the official site of Brussels Airlines 
  • Visit the 'Check-in 'section and click on 'Check-in Now.' 
  • Retrieve booking by entering ticket number and surname 
  • Select the ticket you wish to check-in, click on the 'check-in 'link 
  • At this stage, you can make changes to your booking, such as adding seats, meals, frequent flyer numbers, etc
  • Save the changes, and you might also need to pay the charges based on the 
  • modification, clear that 
  • Follow the prompts to complete check-in, and you will get the boarding pass via email soon.

Can you check in via the mobile app?

Yes! Brussel Airlines also allows you to check in via the Brussel Mobile app. Brussels Airlines Check In online starts from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure. For Mobile check-in, login to your app and visit the check-in link. Insert all the details for identification, and you can start the check-in process. Modify booking and add services during check-in, and you can complete the process by clearing the payments. Once the check-in is complete, you can download and save the boarding pass offline.

In case the departure airport doesn't facilitate a movie boarding pass scan system, go to the check-in counter or baggage drop-off point to get the boarding pass printed out.

Check-in at our dedicated desks

You can also check in via the check-in desk at the airport, where the Brussels Airlines agent takes care of the whole check-in process. The airline facilitates a dedicated check-in counter for business class passengers and premium economy class. Besides, when you check in through the Brussels Airlines Check-In counter, make sure you have all the documents handy, including your passport, visa, ticket, etc.

Express check-in at Brussels Airlines

You can also use the express self-service units to check in at the airport. Using the option, you can select or change the seats, add a frequent flyer number, and take the boarding pass printout. It will also provide a baggage tag if you wish to check-in baggage. Once the check-in is complete, you can drop off your bags at the self-service baggage drop-off points.

The express check-in service is available in Budapest, Barcelona, Geneva, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Nice, Stockholm, Prague, Rome, Venice and Toulouse.

Conclusion: If you want to proceed with Brussels Airlines Check-In, you can get it done online from 24 to 1 hour before the scheduled departure by visiting the airline's official website. In addition, several other ways are also available through which check-in at Brussels can be done. If you need more information or have any doubts, speak to Brussel Airlines directly or visit its website. 

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