Can I choose my seat on Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines Seat Selection Policy

What can be more enthralling than getting to travel on an airline that offers passengers the best of seats to select from all the seats that are available? Being in the seat comfort helps the passenger to make their travel journey much more relaxing and rejuvenating. Keeping it all in mind, Malaysian Airlines has extended its service to the passengers, helping them to choose a seat of their choice. The well-described details for the Malaysia Airlines seat selection are given here, which the passenger can refer to.

Particulars on the Malaysia Airlines seat selection policy:

The passengers traveling with the airline can check through the information on Malaysia Airlines seat selection policy, which has been explained in detail below:

  • The fees that have been paid by the passenger for the seat selected are neither refundable nor non-transferable. 
  • The seat selection is not available to passengers who require special assistance or have a disability, all the children traveling alone, and group bookings are made. The passengers traveling with infants are also not given the flexibility to choose their seats. The airline would assign the seat accordingly to the passenger as per the need. 
  • The passenger can make the seat selection with the airline depending on the availability of seats, and the fee varies depending on the flight routes that are taken. 
  • The airline has the authority to make the changes in the seat selected depending on the adverse conditions or security issues that may prevail.
  • There is no scope for the selection of seats with the Swing connecting flight and code-sharing flights with Malaysian Airlines.

The process to be followed for reservation of seats with Malaysian Airlines:

The passengers can follow the simple process given here in case there is a need for them to proceed with making the Malaysia Airlines seat selection, which is:

  1. Seat Selection through the online portal:

The passengers can make the seat selection with the airline through the official website of the airline, the simple steps to which are given here:

  • Ruffle on the main page of Malaysian Airlines. 
  • Scan over the contents provided to find the My Booking icon and tap on it. 
  • Enter the details of the Booking Reference Number and Last Name to retrieve the booking made.
  • Scroll on to find the Menu List option and check through the choices given.
  • Choose the seat selection link to get directed to the seat map guide with the airline.
  • Check through the various seat options provided and choose the best one that suits as per requirements. 
  • The team with the airline would send in mail once the seat selection process has been completed.
  1. Making the selection of seats with Malaysian Airlines on call:

The passenger can make the Malaysia Airlines seat selection with the airline directly placing a call at the customer service center. Once they dial at +1 669 288 7053 or +1-802-341-3409, the team will get connected after subsequent selections are made. Once the query is explained, an agent is assigned. The passenger can then state the seat preference they have and, accordingly, make the payment to book the seats. 

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