Can I choose my seats on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection Policy

Virgin Atlantic is known for offering a comfortable and luxurious travel experience to its passengers. You can book your seat with the Virgin Atlantic to enjoy one of the most modern and efficient fleets in the sky. Yes, you can certainly choose your seats on Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Detailed information on the ways by which you can select your seats on Virgin Atlantic is provided below.

Policies for choosing your seat on Virgin Atlantic

The following terms and conditions must be followed with Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection under Economy Light, Economy Classic, Economy Delight, Premium,and Upper Class.

  • Advanced Seating Arrangement (ASA) is available only on Qualifying flights. Based on the product purchased, seating options available are standard and preferred.
  • In this arrangement, you must purchase the standard seats for Light, Classic, and Delight Passengers, free of cost for Premium and Upper-class passengers at any time.
  • Preferred seats are available for Light, and preferred seats are seats near the cabin, as well as exit row seats. Preferred seats are available for Light and Classic passengers and can be purchased by paying an additional fee from booking up to one hour before departure. 
  • Advanced seat assignment is available on a per-sector basis only. Price is fixed per seat, per sector where fee is payable. 
  • Advanced seating assignment may not be available on all Virgin Atlantic flights and may be dependent on the ultimate decision of the airline.
  • Pre-assigned seats are not transferable to the other passengers.
  • Suppose you wish to change the travel date. In that case, you may transfer Advanced Seating Arrangement (ASA) to a new travel date depending on the availability with no additional change fee beyond any applicable fees concerning your ticket and fare rules. 

Important Note: Virgin Atlantic Seats Selection can be done free of cost if you check in 24 hours before your flight or in advance through “My Booking”.

Procedure for choosing your seat online with Virgin Atlantic Airline

The methods used in choosing seats through Virgin Atlantic Airline through online mode are mentioned below for your reference.

  • You need to go through the official Website of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
  • Navigate through the page to find the “manage booking tab.”
  • You will be directed towards a new page.
  • Fill in the form with all the essential details, such as your booking number and last name.
  • Tap on the search button provided there to find out the seat availability.
  • Choose your seat from the seat map provided on the page.

Ways of choosing your seat via offline mode with Virgin Atlantic Airline

However, while choosing your seats as per Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection via offline, you must contact the customer service executive through the phone number on its official website. You can get the customer executive at 1(800)862-8621 and state your query regarding seat availability and upgrading your seat. You also have the option to go to the airport and book your seats as per your preference by paying no fee or a nominal fee.

From the details mentioned above, you can now have a clarity of how to choose your seats according to Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection Process. However, in case of further inquiry, you need to visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

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