Can I Correct my Name on Flight Ticket Air Canada?

Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Getting the name corrected on the flight ticket can be hard work as well as frustrating. If you got your name wrong on the flight ticket from Air Canada, you can quickly get it corrected. Read this guide, and you will know about Air Canada's name correction policy and the process for the correction.

Name correction policy of Air Canada flight ticket

Air Canada supports its passengers in every aspect, while it is related to flight upgradation, seat change, or name correction. In a hurry or mistakenly, you have filled in the name a little bit incorrectly, then you have the chance to get air canada name correction by requesting the Airlines. The name correction policy of Air Canada is described below:

  • Booked multiple flights and filled in the wrong name, you are eligible for a name correction request for Air Canada's part.
  • For flights where there is involvement of interline agreements and codeshare flights, passengers can request the name correction. 
  • Documents will be needed in cases involving a legal process like marriage or divorce. 
  • Free name correction can be done for 3 characters; if you need the corrections for more than 3 characters, may have to pay the charges. 
  • You can raise a request for name correction at Air Canada with the help of an online and offline process. 
  • The name correction process allows you to change only the name, not other things like destination, time, date, or other items.

Name correction process of Air Canada flight ticket

In this section, you will learn about the process to correct your name on the flight ticket. Air Canada is one of the aviation companies that allows air canada name correction to the passengers even after the reservation. To know about name correction, follow the below-cited process:

Online process of Air Canada flight ticket name correction

Online procedures can be done with the help of the internet. Here, you don't have to visit the nearest airport. Online procedure is here:

  • Open Air Canada's authorized web portal in the web browser.
  • Here, you will have to fill in the itinerary details like the passenger's surname with PNR number. 
  • As you fill in all the information, a window will open.
  • You will be able to make changes to your previous name. 
  • A service fee worth US$200 may be asked from the side of Air Canada to the passengers (if applicable). 
  • The moment you make the payment, in a few minutes, Air Canada will share updated and corrected e-ticket via email.

Offline process of Air Canada flight ticket name correction

Do not know how to make a request through an online procedure for name correction, then you must go for the offline process. Offline method involves visiting the airport and requesting directly to the customer service of Air Canada by dialing the phone number and elaborating your situation to start the air canada name correction process. Here, two procedures have been given for the offline reach:

  • Visit the Air Canada Airport: 
  • Buzz at Air Canada's phone number


While booking the tickets, it is essential to fill in all the information carefully. Air Canada understands and provides online and offline ways to get air canada name correction, you can opt for according to your convenience. Air Canada Airline will help you throughout the process. 

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