Can I get a full refund from Flair Airlines

Can I get a Full Refund from Flair Airlines

Yes, you can certainly get a full refund from Fair Airlines. For that, it is necessary to ensure that you have followed the refund and cancellation policy. For that, you can see the procedure below. Once you’re on the right path following the right approach, then you’ll get a refund for the investment you made.

Refund/cancellation policy of Flair Airlines

The refund policy given below will help you get a refund of the investment you have made in the ticket. 

  • To make the ticket refundable, you have to satisfy two conditions. One is to ensure that you have canceled within twenty-four hours of the booking. The other condition you need to fulfill is to ensure that you made the booking seven days before the flight's departure date.
  • If your booking were canceled by Flair Airlines, you would be eligible for a complete refund.
  • You must fill out the form of Flair within twenty-four hours of the cancellation.
  • You could claim a refund if your booking were made on the official website. However, if a travel agency creates the booking, you need to ensure that you have contacted them to make the cancellation.
  • Once you have applied for the refund, you will be able to get the refund within seven working days, in case the payment was made through the credit card. If your payment was made in cash, then you’ll be able to get the refund within twenty working days. 

How can I claim the reign of Flair Airlines

If you doubt, “Can I get a full refund from Flair Airlines?” Then the answer is undoubtedly yes. Once you have satisfied the twenty-four-hour cancellation policy, you’ll be eligible to get complete refund.

  • Get on the website of Flair Airlines.
  • In the search bar, enter “Refund form.” 
  • Tap search, and you’ll come across the form.
  • Open the form, and then you need to fill up the details of the state and even attach the relevant documents. 
  • Submit the refund form.

That is it. You have successfully claimed the refund. Now you’re ready to receive the investment you made in the ticket. You’ll get it directly in the account from which you made the payment. 

Connect with the customer service team

You can contact customer service by dialing the flair airlines phone number. Once you have called on it, then your issue is going to be fixed without any delay. Make sure that you have selected Refund and cancellation in the IVR menu. Soon, you’ll get a refund. 

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