can i see my JetBlue travel bank credit

Can i see my JetBlue Travel Bank Credit

The JetBlue Travel Bank is a virtual account or bank where a customer can access and manage any JetBlue travel credits she receives. Dial 1-(802)-341-3409.It is like a payment wallet that you can use on or the JetBlue app. JetBlue Travel bank credits are used to pay for a JetBlue-operated flight or the airfare portion of a JetBlue Vacations package when making bookings on JetBlue Air. and to know the answer of your query as can I see my JetBlue travel bank credit, then you need to read below.Dial jetBlue Customer Service Number 1-(802)-341-3409.

How do I access my Travel Bank on JetBlue

Yes, it's easy to view your bank credit also expiration dates for each credit and transaction history. You can use them for a new booking by logging in to your Travel Bank through your online TrueBlue account.Dial 1-(802)-341-3409

Steps to see JetBlue Travel Bank credit

  • Visit the official site of JetBlue Air 
  • Then Log in to your TrueBlue account.
  • Now click your initials on the top right corner.
  • Your total travel credit amount will display in the drop-down menu.
  • To review your Travel Bank statement, you need to select Travel Bank Credit from the dropped menu. 
  • Now you will be directed to your Travel Bank statement, where you can see all the transactions. 

Important Points

  • Travel Bank credits issued for flight purchases have the original expiration date between February 1, 2020, through September 29, 2022.
  • The expiration date can be extended to September 30, 2022, by requesting an extension.
  • The extension requests may take up to 5-7 business days to process.
  • You cannot use travel bank funds to book partner airlines.

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