Can I select my seat on Air France?

Air France seat selection Policy

One of the key aspects of a comfortable and enjoyable flight is the ability to select your seat according to your preferences. Air France is a renowned airline that provides passengers with options for seat selection, ensuring that you can find the perfect spot for your journey. In this comprehensive guide, you'll explore the ins and outs of Air France seat selection, answering common questions and helping you make the most of your travel experience. Whether you're flying economy, premium economy, business class, or first class, you can choose your seat before your flight.

How to Select Your Seat on Air France?

Steps to proceed with Air France seat selection are straightforward, and the various ways through which you can do this are mentioned below:

  • Booking Process: You can select your seat during the booking process. When you make your reservation, you'll be prompted to choose your preferred seat from the available options.
  • Manage My Booking: If you've already booked your flight, you can access the "Manage My Booking" section on the Air France website. Here, you can view and change your seat assignment.
  • Mobile App: Air France's mobile app allows you to manage your booking and select your seat from your smartphone. It's a convenient way to make changes while on the go.

Seat Selection Options on Air France

Air France provides various seat selection options to cater to different passenger preferences and needs:

  • Standard Seat: Standard seats are the most common choice and are available in all travel classes. They provide a comfortable and spacious seating experience.
  • Preferred Seat: Preferred seats are often located in more favorable positions, such as extra legroom seats or those near the front of the cabin. These seats may come at an additional cost.
  • Duo Seat: Duo seats are designed for passengers traveling as a pair. They ensure that you and your companion can sit together.
  • Family Area: Air France offers dedicated family seating areas, making traveling easier for families with children.
  • Bassinet Seat: If you're traveling with an infant, you can request a bassinet seat to ensure your baby's comfort during the flight.
  • Exit Row Seat: Exit row seats offer extra legroom and are ideal for passengers who desire more space. Remember that there may be certain requirements to sit in these rows.

Seat Selection Costs

The cost of Air France seat selection varies based on several factors:

  • Travel Class: The class you've booked will impact seat selection costs. For example, premium cabins like business and first class often include seat selection in the fare.
  • Frequent Flyer Status: Passengers with higher frequent flyer status may receive complimentary seat selection or reduced fees.
  • Preferred Seats: There may be an additional fee if you choose preferred or extra-legroom seats.
  • Booking Timing: Booking your seat in advance during the reservation process is usually more cost-effective than making changes closer to your departure.

In conclusion, Air France seat selection options offer passengers flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer extra legroom, want to sit with your travel companion, or desire a standard seat, Air France provides choices to meet your needs. While there may be fees associated with some seat options, the comfort and convenience they offer can significantly enhance your flying experience with Air France.

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