Can we change the name in Malaysian airlines?

Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy

Get details to change the name in Malaysian Airlines

Malaysia Airlines provides a facility to book and cancel your flight ticket on its official booking website. It even gives you the flexibility to change your flight form its manage booking online tool and make your booking perfect. Similarly, if you want to change your name on Malaysia Airlines and are looking for guidance, know the Malaysia Airlines name change policy and change your name conveniently. Get more details on this page if you have doubts about changing your name and don’t know what to do.

Can we change the name in Malaysian airlines?

No, Malaysia Airlines doesn’t allow you to change your name on a confirmed flight booking ticket; for that, cancel your flight ticket and book your original flight. It doesn’t even allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else. It will enable you to correct minor mistakes in your name, but if you want to avoid doubts about name change, you may go through the Malaysia Airlines name change policy and cover some of the most important points to complete your name change process easily. You will get more details about the name change policy in the topics below.

  • When you notice some minor mistakes in your name’s spelling, you can correct that from the name edit option via Manage Booking.
  • You can amend your name title if you mentioned it on your passport before your flight journey.
  • Your name correction can be done for 1 to three characters, which you can do on the booking website and correct your name accordingly.
  • If you are going for the name correction for more than three characters, you need to contact a live person and request the name correction over a phone call.
  • For name change with a live person, you are required to show a valid document like government ID, marriage certificate, passport and so on.

Get tips to change your name on Malaysian Airlines:

If you want to change your name on Malaysian Airlines but you need some help, get the Malaysian Airlines name change policy and follow the process to avoid unnecessary doubts and situations. You are provided various contact options to change your name online or contact a live person using phone, live chat, feedback form, and social media services. You can select one to change your name, but you will get the name change process here by going through the phone number.

  • First, dial +603 7843 3000 or +1-802-341-3409 and carefully get the IVR instructions on your phone.
  • You can change your language by pressing one and getting further instructions.
  • Select the correct key for flight change and select the name change option.
  • You will be provided the right key to interact with a live person for a name change.
  • Share your booking information with your last name and request a name change accordingly.

Thus, you can change your name by going through the Malaysian Airlines name change policy, but if you find some trouble and don’t know what to do, you must contact a live person who is always there to assist you promptly.

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