Can you bring liquids on Carry-on Aeromexico Airlines?

Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Allowance & Carry-on Size?

Suppose you have flown to a city known for oils, and you have brought that, but you are unsure if you can carry them on your flight as carry-on baggage. So, do not worry about it. Aeromexico allows you to carry liquids with you without paying any extra charges, but there are some rules and regulations that a passenger needs to follow if they want to carry liquids as carry-on baggage. And for that, you need to stay on this page, and you will get all your inquiries.

Mention some rules and regulations to carry liquid on Aeromexico Airline?

If the passengers want to carry liquid, then there are some rules and regulations that they need to follow so that it can be easy for them to carry liquid without any hassle. Here are some mentioned below.

  • Passengers can carry a quart-sized liquid, gels, aerosols, pastes, and cream as their carry-on baggage.
  • You are not allowed to carry more than 100 milliliters of liquids as carry-on baggage.
  • Travelers put the item in a small bag and, at the time of screening, separate it as your carry-on baggage.
  • If the size of your container exceeds 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces, then it should be counted as checked baggage.

How can I call Aeromexico Airline?

If you have any confusion related to your liquid, then you can contact customer service by using the Aeromexico Airlines Phone Number 1-802-341-3409, and they will let you know all the information related to your liquid problem and provide you with a reliable solution. To call, you need to complete some IVR formalities, and then you will be able to connect with customer service, from whom you can ask the questions that you want to ask.

So, I hope that from the mentioned information, your query of  Can you bring liquids on carry-on Aeromexico Airlines? Is solved. You just need to keep in mind the policies, rules, and regulations.

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