Can you change name on Alaska Airlines ticket?

Alaska Airlines Name Change & Correction Policy

A Guide to changing the name of the passenger on Alaska Airlines ticket.

It's obvious that a man makes mistakes in a hurry. In most cases, while booking a flight ticket on Alaska Airlines, you might have made a minor mistake in entering the name of the passenger. If you are a passenger with this, then you can make the changes to the booking and hence avail of the help and aid that the airline provides so that you can go through the Alaska Airlines Name Change you are looking for and hence complete a comfortable ride. Eye through the information given in the content below, using which you can make the changes you are looking for.

Policy to change the passenger name on Alaska Airlines tickets

While getting through to make the changes you are looking for, you must read through the guidelines to be followed. The terms and conditions to be followed are as follows:

  • It is not permitted to completely modify the passenger's name. You are limited to making a few changes. 
  • The passenger's name must correspond with the one on the official government identification documents. If you don't do this, your trip may be canceled with a denied boarding, and you won't be reimbursed or otherwise compensated. 
  • Only three character changes are permitted. 
  • A name correction fee of about $100 to $125 shall be applicable if you are looking to make changes to the booking. 
  • To make the desired adjustments, you must present identification that the government has approved.

Process to change the passenger name on Alaska Airlines tickets

After reading through the given policy, you can also read the given procedure of Alaska Airlines Name Change from the given information below. There are various ways through which you can get the changes done. The mentioned ways are as follows:

1. Online Name Change Process. The name change of a passenger can undergo the online process. You can get to go through the procedure following the steps given below:

  • Leaf through Alaska Airlines’ official website, 
  • From the manage booking, retrieve the booking and choose the name change from the menu list. 
  • Then, make the changes and look to avail of the benefits from the steps as instructed on the screen.

2. Offline Name Change Process. The help you are looking to avail of from the airline to get the Alaska Airlines Name Change, you can also dial the number and then connect with an executive so that the same shall guide you in making the changes you're looking for.

What changes can be made to an Alaska Booking?

The following changes and modifications are allowed to be made on an Alaska Airlines ticket:

  • No complete name change is allowed. 
  • You can modify the official name for free, including adding a last name, changing nicknames to the official name, and expanding the middle name. 
  • Changing the seat or modifying the ticket post-name change is not permissible.

Sanguinely, it can be said after reading through the details, you are confident about Alaska Airlines Name Change policy, process, and other such required details. For any further assistance, you can visit the official website or dial 1 (800) 654-5669 or +1-802-341-3409 and avail of help from the customer service team in relation to the changes to the passenger’s name. 

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