Can you change the name on a JetBlue ticket?

JetBlue Name Change Policy

Jetblue is one of the most reliable airlines, providing seamless service and best policies. In case you book your Jetblue flight ticket and realise there is a typing error in the name, you can modify it anytime.

As per the Jetblue name change policy, you can change your name by using both online and offline options, depending on your booking mode. You might also need to pay a name change fee based on your fare condition and other external factors. The article below discusses details about name change policy, process, etc., you can take a look at to stay upgraded.

How to change the name with Jetblue Airlines?

If you want to modify your name on a Jetblue ticket, you can do it mainly via the website or contact center. Besides, additional administrative charges might apply in case you make changes via phone. Here is the detailed step-by-step method:

Change name online (Via website):

  • Head to the JetBlue official page and look for manage booking 
  • Access the booking details by providing the confirmation number and surname 
  • Choose the itinerary for a name change, and click on 'Edit reservation.'
  • Make the modifications in your name and save it 
  • You can pay for the charges, if applicable, on the payment page, following the prompt 
  • Once done, you will get a confirmation email from Jetblue for changes.

Change the name over the phone:

  • Dial the Jetblue Reservation number and follow IVR
  • Speak to the JetBlue representative about the name change 
  • Provide the booking details and other information they ask for 
  • The Jetblue agent will make changes on your behalf soon 
  • You can pay for the payments online, and once done, a confirmation email will be shared with you.

Name change for Third-Party bookings

The methods above you can use for booking you made from the Jetblue website or other authorised sources. But if your ticket is booked via a third party or any travel agency, you need to connect with them directly to make changes in your name.

Jetblue Name Change Policy - Highlights

  • As per Jetblue name change policy, you have 24 hours to modify the name for free unless the booking is made seven days before departure. The policy is applicable for all bookings irrespective of the conditions. 
  • Once the 24-hour passes, the airline might charge some penalty based on the fare condition to modify your name on bookings.
  • As per Jetblue name change policy, you are only allowed to make some changes in the name up to three characters. If you want to change the name completely, it's not possible. 
  • For passengers who want to modify their name due to marriage or divorce, they must submit the legal documents first before making any changes. Once their document is approved, they can modify the name for free.

Conclusion: The information above confirms that you can change your name on a JetBlue ticket anytime, subject to the terms and conditions. Jetblue name change policy suggests you might need to pay certain charges for making modifications. However, you can make it for free in case the change is done within 24 hours and departure is after seven days. For more information or if you have any doubts, talk to the Jetblue agent directly. 

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