Can you change the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines is a US-based low-cost air carrier that offers its flight services mainly in Latin America, the USA, and the Caribbean. Many times while booking Spirit flight tickets, travelers make some mistakes that they later want to correct. However, numerous fliers wish to know the exact process for Spirit Airlines Name Change along with its relevant policies in detail. In this blog, they will be able to recognize the precise procedures for name correction under some specific rules.

Use an online process for Spirit Airlines name correction:

Online is the most acceptable way for a name rectification in standard Airways, especially after confirmed air tickets. However, travelers should have proper internet access while making any Spirit Airlines Name Change as per their desire. Also, they can follow some specific essential steps to avail name rectification soon.

  • Passengers should have Spirit Airlines's standard website:
  • Now, they can choose the "My Trips" option.
  • Fliers can enter their last name and confirmation code to retrieve flight bookings.
  • They can click on the name change correction and make the desired alteration as per the policy.
  • Further, they can submit their supportive legal proof and applicable correction fees.

Use the Phone for Spirit Airlines name rectifications

Fliers can prefer the Phone when they cannot use the online process for name rectification. However, passengers should call 1-855-728-3555 or +1-802-341-3409 and ask for Spirit Airlines Name Change assistance from the available executives. The dedicated representatives will either assist fliers on the same call or suggest the best practical way for quick name correction in the flight tickets. Fliers should also submit their supportive documents and processing fees to the Spirit official link for successful name correction.

Make the Airport physical visit for Spirit Airlines name correction

When passengers cannot proceed with both the online and Phone process, they can go to the nearest Airport for name correction. Fliers can ask for assistance regarding the name rectification from the Airport executives. The exert Airport spokesperson will help passengers only after checking the travelers' last names and confirmation codes. Fliers should also submit their valid documents and professing fees to the Airport representatives for successful name alteration.

Does Spirit Airlines have a name correction policy?

Standard Airlines, like Spirit, also has some specific terms and conditions for fliers' name correction. However, to know about Spirit Airlines Name Change policy in detail, they should stick with the following mentioned information carefully.

  • Travelers' complete name change is not possible in the Spirit flight tickets.
  • Minor correction or change in the flier name for confirmed air tickets is free.
  • Passengers should make all corrections in their name only before 2 to 3 hours of departure.
  • If fliers need a legal name change, they should go with supportive documents such as divorce decrees, court orders, and marriage certificates.
  • Almost every corrected word in Spirit Airlines tickets is based on some specific costs that fliers must pay for successful correction.

What will be the cost for travelers' name correction at Spirit Airlines?

Usually, Spirit Airlines' minor name corrections in the travelers' flight tickets are free of cost. But, in some critical cases, charges for name rectification are applicable between approximately $25 to $40 per passenger for all classes.

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