Can you select seats on Turkish Airlines for free?

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Requirements come to know Turkish Airlines seat selection process policy, including whether they can get them for free, and other things like rules, the best time to choose a seat, etc. Hence, for better clarification, passengers can find discussions through which they will unlock everything about the seats. So, you are recommended to consider the details and keep the information so it can come in use;

Is it possible to get seats on Turkish Airlines at no cost?

Yes, you can choose seats on Turkish Airlines at no additional cost. For that, you have to select the seat within 24 hours of the booking because, after that, the airline may impose a fee.

What is the seat selection policy on Turkish Airlines?

One, most times, looks forward to finding a brief of Turkish Airlines seat selection rules so they can be aware of the charges, process, and other associated aspects. So, you are requested to delve into the points and understand them:

  • If a seat is preferred within 24 hours of the reservation, the airline may not impose any charges for the seat selection. 
  • If you do not prefer any seat at a time, the airline will assign you. However, you may be unable to modify those seats once assigned by the airline. 
  • For some seats, for example, emergency row exits, windows, etc., are chargeable. You have to ensure that the seats are not paid for by reaching out to the executive via phone call. 
  • All the elite class members may get permission from the airline to choose a seat as per their preference at no additional cost. 
  • For any other assistance, you are advised to approach the agent of Turkish Airlines.

How do you choose a seat on Turkish Airlines?

You can consider different modes to make Turkish Airlines seat selection, and some of their processes are explained below;

Prefer a seat via the website.

  • Turkish Airlines has a top-notch website, which is quite easy to access. You can also manage your booking or choose a seat via its website, and the further steps are described below:
  • Tap on "Manage My Booking." 
  • Go to your flight and click on the Seat Selection Map. 
  • Prefer your desired seat, make the payment (if asked), and submit it.

Approach the help desk at the airport.

The airline does not only restrict its services to the website. Hence, it has opened the assistance help desk, which is found at the airport. You can approach with all the documents, such as tickets, identity cards, and other necessary details, and present them to the agent and request to assign you a seat. However, you may have to incur a fee to end the method.

When should you prefer a seat on Turkish Airlines?

You must make a Turkish Airlines seat selection at the time of your reservation (if a seat map is available). Sometimes, the seat map is either shown at the check-in or 24 hours before the flight.

What if you did not select a seat on Turkish?

If you did not select a seat on your own, the airline will assign you a seat, and that will be a random one. And after that, you may not be able to change it.


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