Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Copa Airlines Pet policy

Pets can travel with the passengers on Copa flights on one condition that pet parents stick to the rules are regulations that are set up in a place by the Copa authorities.

One can communicate with the Copa Pets department to gather more information on pet travel as far as Copa flights are concerned. Visit to access the contact details of the Copa Pets department.

The following rules apply as per the Copa airlines Pet Policy:

  • People can take pets with them from Monday to Friday in the case of international flights. If you are flying domestically in Panama, travelers can take their pets all 7 days. The only condition is that there should not be any international connections on your trip.
  • One passenger can take one pet only and only one pet in one container is permitted. 
  • If you are a child below 11 years of age, there are restrictions in place for traveling with a pet. 
  • The Executive class in Copa airlines does not allow pets at all, pets are only permitted in the main cabin per flight and that too is only a maximum of three pets.
  • People need to make sure that they connect with the Copa reservations department or Sales office at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight to be able to make room for their pet on the airline.

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