Covid Cancellation Policy at Hawaiian Airlines

All you need to know: Covid cancellation policy at Hawaiian Airlines

Airlines are the worst affected by the onset of the Covid times as travel got banned and restrictions got stricter at the airport and on the plane. People can get travel updates and details online by referring to the Hawaiian airline's newsletter. Let us consider the Hawaiian airline's Covid cancellation policy.

What is Hawaiian Airline's Covid Cancellation Policy?

People can connect with the customer service representatives at Hawaiian airlines for proper services and to know about the cancellation policy at Hawaiian airlines that is kept in place for minimizing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The key pointers of the Covid cancellation policy released by Hawaiian airlines are as follows:

US domestic travel updates:

  • If you have t travel to Hawaii then there are no travel restrictions on US domestic travelers. 
  • People will not quarantine from March 26 as there is no need. 
  • Along with this, there is no need to travel with a Covid 19 pre-travel test or show proof of vaccination. 
  • Passengers are no longer required to create a trip on the Safe travels website for taking a U.S. Domestic flight. 

Mask policy for travelers

  • Masks are not mandatory and people now have a choice to wear or not to wear a mask while traveling on Hawaiian airlines. 
  • People taking international flights need to wear masks as it is a compulsion.

The key pointers of covid cancellation policy at Hawaiian airlines are as follows: 

  • Active period cancellations of Hawaiian tickets are eligible for refunds or reimbursement at the airline.
  • Refunds are applicable until the expiry of the flight tickets purchased at Hawaiian airlines. 
  • The time to get a refund from Hawaiian airlines may stretch up to 10 business days, so travelers need to be patient with refunds.

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