Covid Cancellation Policy at Tap Portugal

Covid Cancellation Policy at Tap Portugal | Flight Ticket Refunds

Tour and travel in times of the pandemic have been challenging for everyone. Passengers and airlines are both similarly affected by this. Everyone suffered from a heavy loss in the initial stages of panic and chaos. But with airlines taking their control back and the world becoming more adept with the changing times, the situation has eased to a great extent.

The following Covid cancellation policy at Tap Portugal is worth noting if your flight is affected by the ongoing pandemic. Taking these points into consideration is also recommended for passengers who are due to fly with this airline.

  • The airline has eased its cancellation and refund policies in the wake of the Covid Pandemic. Passengers now have more flexibility over the refund amount and duration of cancellation.
  • Under certain conditions, you can make changes to your flight, such as rescheduling or cancellation for free. These points are mentioned on the site under Covid-19 rules and policies.
  • The airline will provide you with an additional 10% cashback if you choose to get the refund in the form of a voucher. This voucher will then be valid for a period of 12 months, starting with the date of issue.
  • The 24-hours cancellation policy at Tap Portugal is still applicable. For passengers who have missed this 24-hours window, other policies active during the pandemic can give you much-needed relief.
  • In addition to this, the airline also offers one free flight change opportunity on all flights, regardless of the ticket class, which was booked before 31st September 2021.

Passengers with valid reasons for cancellation or flight can answer their queries with the airline support executives. The staff members are handling all the issues, and adequate and timely support and solutions will be provided to all passengers.

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