Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

How to Change a Delta Airlines Flight?

Know all about the flight change policy of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines in the U.S. and is extremely known for the amazing services that it provides to its customers; it is famous for its great passenger experience. With all these qualities, there are also some other things that you should know about and that would help you in situations when, for any reason, a change may come in your plans, and you would have to change your flight. There are some conditions you should know come under Delta Airlines flight change policy. The details in the article shall help you further.

The Delta Airlines policies for flight change

Changing your flight could be a decision made by you due to some urgency or necessity, Generally, the basic economy tickets are non-changeable. But it is available for change in some places like Africa, Europe, and some other international markets charge fees of 200$.

  • First, you have the 24-hour risk-free cancellation, in which you get free flight change if you do it within 24 hours of booking.
  • For the business/Elite class, the fight for change is available 3-4 hours before the departure of the flight. But there would be some charges that you would have to pay. 
  • You get free of cost change or cancellation for delays due to some controllable condition but have to pay charges in situations that are natural and uncontrollable.
  • If you change the flight due to some medical emergencies, you are charged with some amount.

The process of changing the flight at Delta Airlines

The Delta Airlines flight change policy brings a lot of information and conditions that you should know about because knowing all of that would make things easy for you; here is the step-by-step guide to changing the flight; it could be done online and with a call.

Make changes online

  • Firstly, you would have to visit their official website portal and look for the option 'My trips'
  • Click on the 'My trips' option and fill out basic information like your 'last name' and 'confirmation number.'
  • You will then be on the booking summary page.
  • You will then get the menu options list.
  • Where you will be able to see the options like cancel/change, etc.
  • Select the options change if you want to change the flight.

Cost of change

Upon reading the Delta Airlines flight change policy, you can get details about the cost. However, the further details are many details of the change cost.

  • If it is a non-refundable ticket, then it will charge you 0-200$ plus the change in price.
  • For refundable, there would be just a difference in the prices, varying on different factors. 
  • Change before 3-4 hours from the departure of the flight will charge you 75$ for both the nonrefundable and refundable.


Hope the information was useful and you got the answers you were looking for. However, you must read the Delta Airlines fight change policy so that you can get the changes done. Other than this, you can call them or contact via calls for help or from the official website necessary details can be found.

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