Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Can you bring pets on a plane Delta?

Embark on Delta flight with Pet. Get all the details of the same!

If you have a pet at home and traveling to a place for a longer period of time, you must travel with them. In this condition, you must be well informed about the same, whether the airline allows it or not, what policies are to be taken care of, what condition the pet must fit, and several other information. And with Delta Airlines, it is really easy and convenient. Thus, you may read through the information below and access the required information.

Details to be kept in mind if flying with a pet

Delta Airlines is a customer-supportive airline that allows you to travel with pets. Thus, you must read through the Delta Airlines Pet Policy and hence get to learn about the allowances and pet travel rules:

In the cabin, small dogs, cats, and birds can fly. The same must be carried in a small cage that must fit under your seat. 
For international flights on Delta Airlines, only dogs and cats can be carried. The pet must be carried in a pet carrier in which the pet fits comfortably within. 

  • If traveling within the US, the pet must be ten weeks or more to be allowed to travel in the cabin. 
  • For destinations in European countries, the pet must be 15 weeks old to travel. 
  • Only one pet can be carried in a single pet carrier. However, two pets of the same breed and size within eight weeks can travel in one carrier. 
  • If you are traveling with pets, you cannot be seated on bulkhead seats, flatbed or delta one seat, seats on the emergency exit, seats on rows 46 to 51 on A330-200 aircraft, center seats on B757-200 aircraft, and seats on rows 54-59 on A330-300 aircraft. 
  • Service dogs on the cabin can be carried without any pet fee.

How to book pets on Delta flights?

To book pets on Delta Airlines, you shall have to meet the requirements, know about Delta Airlines Pet Policy and then get on to follow the below-mentioned steps through which you can add the pet prior to departure for a swift travel.

  • Surf through Delta Airlines' official website, 
  • At the top of the homepage, click on the Need Help option, and from the menu drop-down options, choose Pet Travel. 
  • Then, click on the Booking Your Pet option. Soon, you will be taken to the related section. 
  • Then, go to tap on the Delta Reservations option. Add in the required details and tap on the add option. 
  • If required, make the payment and confirm the additions. 

Fees required to be paid to add pets on Delta Airlines

On Delta Airlines, you can choose to add pets upon paying a fee for the same after going through Delta Airlines Pet Policy. The details of the fee are as follows:

  • If you are flying to or from the USA/ Canada/ Puerto Rico- the fee to be paid shall range from $90 to $150. 
  • If you are flying with international flights or to and from Brazil- the fee shall be between $75 to $200.

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